Publishing Companies & Magazines Are Syncing Their CRM Software With Google Ad Manager

Many publishers with an online ad presence rely upon Google Ad Manager as a one-stop ad revenue management solution. That's why Ad Sales Genius was the first ad sales CRM software to include a Google Ad Manager integration.

With our Google Ad Manager integration, your magazine or publishing business can have a complete view of your online ad sales and revenue. As digital sales become a more essential piece of the revenue puzzle for publishers seeking long-term growth, the team at Ad Sales Genius is seeing an increased interest in our Google Ad Manager integration and programmatic sales features.

Oh, and did we mention that our Google Ad Manager integration is included at no extra cost to our premium users?

Seamless Software Support for Publishers Focused on Digital Ad Sales

Publishers who find success with digital sales most often augment their traditional advertising products with in-demand digital options. At Ad Sales Genius, we built our software from the ground up to support nearly all types of advertising.

This approach differs from other publishing CRMs, which in many cases are built with issue-based advertising in mind. Our software easily handles pricing and packaging for multiple types of advertising at once—allowing you to build campaigns that include anything from event sponsorships, to magazine advertorials, to digital display advertising.

With digital-centric features like our Google Ad Manager integration and our programmatic ad sales tools, publishers and media brands can play to their strengths and offer the types of advertising their markets are demanding.

Publishing Companies Trust Our Sales & Production Software

If you run a magazine or specialty publication, Ad Sales Genius can help you sync sales, production, and billing into one simple platform. And with integrations including Google Ad Manager, QuickBooks Online, and Adobe inDesign, you will have the tools to work smarter and communicate more easily than ever before.

Want to learn how our sales and production software is helping more magazines, publishing companies, and media brands realize their fullest potential? Fill out the form below to schedule a free personalized demo of Ad Sales Genius today!

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