Ad Sales Reporting for Publishing & Media

Business Intelligence Made Easy

Ad Sales Genius approaches data and analytics reporting in a personalized way. Rather than forcing publishers and media companies to rely upon pre-made data combinations, we provide powerful tools to craft fully customized reports.

build Your CUSTOM REport

10,000+ Ad Sales Report Combinations

Get detailed reports related to commissions, sales goals, and other media business vitals. Whether you choose to create your report from any combination of CRM data, or you use one of our ready-made reports, you can manage which users see each report, send reports out automatically via email, and even drag and drop your most important reports right onto your dashboard.

Fully in-sync

Business Analytics Reporting for Media and Advertising

If you dream of a report, chances are you can build it within Ad Sales Genius. Our reports aren’t confined to just one industry or type of advertising product. Instead, we harness the power of your sales data. From print, to event sponsorships, to programmatic, we have your reporting capabilities covered.

See Data Displayed Your Way

Pies, bars, histograms, or lines, we’ve got you covered. The custom visualization options in Ad Sales Genius let you format your reports in the ways that clearly show the messages you want to communicate with your data.

Client Success Case Study: Omaha Magazine

The customizable reporting features within Ad Sales Genius allow Omaha Magazine publisher Todd Lemke to keep an eye on his business vital signs anywhere, anytime. Learn how our CRM software is helping his publishing business sell more, work more productively, and bring in more revenue.

Simple Permissions & Easy Distribution

Set each report to public, private, or anywhere in between. Then, choose how to distribute your reports so that they get in front of the people who need to see them.

Custom Privacy Settings

Set the visibility of each report based on user permissions, or choose which users can see reports on a case-by-case basis.

Automated Distribution

Schedule automatic report emails to keep your team in the loop on your company’s vital signs.

Save Custom Reports

Once you have a custom report just right, save it to view anytime. Drag saved reports onto your dashboard for easier daily management!

Explore More Features of Ad Sales Genius


Empower your sales team to sell bigger with tools for prospecting, convenient follow-up reminders, intuitive custom visual pipelines, and in-depth reporting tools.


Our accounting features just might make you feel like you’ve doubled your accounting staff. By reducing duplicate data entry, our software can save you time, money, and headaches.


From two-way Adobe inDesign integration, to drag-and-drop flat planning, to automated preflight checks, our software features maximize your company’s production and delivery efforts.

Editorial Management

Keep versions organized, enable simple proofing and revision processes, and easily manage your freelance employees with our editorial software functions tailored for web and print publications.


Generate the leads your sales team deserves with powerful, data-driven marketing tools that allow you to easily create landing pages, custom email templates, targeted campaigns, and more. No coding required.

Project management

Stay on schedule with project management software functions that increase inter-departmental communication, minimize downtime, and increase the value of your final products.