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Smarter Magazine Management

Publishers trust our magazine CRM software to optimize their ad sales, production, and billing. Book a demo now to learn how our software can help your magazine maximize its potential.

Built to support publishers who want more.

Our software was built to help you manage your magazine business—from ad sales, to flat planning and production, to invoicing. With practical automation features and industry-leading software integrations, Ad Sales Genius easily fits into your existing processes to make your publishing business leaner, meaner, and more competitive than ever before.

Simplify Your Magazine Production

Drag-and-Drop Flat Plans

With Ad Sales Genius, you can drag and drop ads directly into your magazine flat plan—complete with your editorial pieces.

And thanks to our two-way Adobe inDesign integration, your flat plan can sync automatically to keep your magazine production moving smoothly.

Full Adobe inDesign Integration

Ad Sales Genius offers a two-way sync with Adobe inDesign to allow your magazine’s team members  to work from anywhere, at any time, without the risk of overwriting work or duplicating tasks.

Seamlessly Mix and Match Ad Types

Create Ad Packages That Sell

At Ad Sales Genius, we create software that helps publishers meet their magazine management needs now and for years to come. As such, our CRM isn’t limited to print magazine advertising. If you can package and sell it, our software is ready to handle it.

Combine print ads with digital programmatic campaigns, event sponsorships, and so much more with just a few clicks! Can your current magazine CRM do that?

Ad Sales Genius screenshot showing magazine ad packaging
Great Looking Sales Documents

Fully Customizable Proposals

Take control of your ad proposal creation with Ad Sales Genius. Match your company branding, attach custom terms and conditions, and even prepend custom media kits to make a lasting impression.

The best part? Our software automates many of the time-consuming parts of the contract process, which helps your sales team focus on closing more deals.

Easy Digital Programmatic Sales for Magazine Publishers

Meet Your Advertisers' Demand for Targeted Digital

With Ad Sales Genius, you can package and sell programmatic digital campaigns directly within your magazine CRM software.

No huge minimum ad spend to access premium inventory on the web, on streaming platforms, and across iOS/Android devices. Ad Sales Genius grants you access to the same premium inventory for a fraction of the spend.

No learning curve. From setting up the types of digital programmatic campaigns you offer, to packaging products in ways that maximize profit, we coach your sales reps to start selling digital advertising as effectively as possible.

Ad Sales Genius ad inventory management software screenshot
Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Inventory Management for Publishers

With real-time advertising inventory management, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and calendars. Sales reps can even set up auto recurring products to keep things simple!

Ad Sales Genius automates tracks your inventory—keeping your costs down and complications to a minimum.

Client Success STORY: Omaha Publications

Omaha Publications almost hired 1-2 additional staff members to cope with the company’s outdated processes. Then they switched to Ad Sales Genius.

Read Omaha Publications’ client success story to learn how our software increased profitability and saved the company time, money, and headaches.

Simplify Your Fulfillment & Renewals

Intelligent Magazine Subscriber Management

Our Subscription Genius software integrates directly with Ad Sales Genius, which makes managing your magazine subscriber management and renewals a breeze. Save money by taking your fulfillment in-house—and even set up paywalls for your online content!

Subscription Genius logo

Customize Your Dashboard

Our drag-and-drop customizable dashboard allows your sales, production, and accounting staff to see the stats, alerts, and reports they need—fast. And with our customizable widgets, magazine managers get the data they need to evaluate performance at a glance.

Animation showing customization of Ad Sales Genius user dashboard
Software screenshot of Ad Sales Genius magazine ad library

No-Hassle File uploads & storage

Ad Sales Genius offers easy file upload capability and hundreds of gigs of storage for the file types you need for magazine production and marketing.

Ad Sales Genius screenshot showing e-newsletter campaigns for publishers

Advanced Marketing for Magazines

  • Tracked Email Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Tracking
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Print Templates
  • Custom Media Kits
Easy Billing & Invoicing for Magazines

Automate Your A/R Process

With Ad Sales Genius, data from each ad sale is automatically sent to your accounting department. This means no duplication data entry between teams—and less of a potential for costly errors.

Ad Sales Genius screenshot showing QuickBooks Online integration
Two-Way QuickBooks Online Integration

Industry-Leading QuickBooks Online Integration

Does your current magazine CRM leave you waiting for your accounting data to sync? It’s time to try Ad Sales Genius.

Ad Sales Genius automatically syncs both ways with your QuickBooks Online accounting data to keep your finances in order and help minimize disruptions. Now your accounting team can work from anywhere!

And if you’re not using QuickBooks Online, our software is able to connect with many of the accounting platforms used by magazine companies. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

Ad Sales Genius Magazine FAQ

Is Ad Sales Genius a CRM for magazines?

Yes—Ad Sales Genius is a purpose-built CRM for magazine publishing and media companies. However, our software goes a step beyond many publishing CRMs by allowing you to sell, package, and bill for print, digital, programmatic, expos, and sponsorships—all in one platform.

Why should I switch to a new magazine software platform?

There are three main reasons why magazine businesses should consider switching to Ad Sales Genius:
  1. Automation. Ad Sales Genius allows you to automate your team’s routine tasks to cut out repetitive work across sales, production, and accounting. In short, you can focus on the most rewarding parts of your business—both creatively and financially.
  2. Cost Savings. Ad Sales Genius supports entire magazine teams, from ad traffic managers to accounts receivable reps. Combined with our industry-leading software integrations, you’ll be able to get more work done in less time. This allows you to be strategic with hiring needs and business expenses.
  3. Future-Proof Your Business. We hear it often: “Our current software wasn’t built to sell ___.” Ad Sales Genius is designed for publishing and media—but we didn’t let that stop us from thinking big. Our software is built to work with thousands of different types of advertising and billing strategies. Simply put, this is the last piece of ad sales and production software your team will ever need.