CRM Software for Publishers

Sync Your Sales, Production, and Billing

Ad Sales Genius is software that allows magazines, publishers, and media companies to link their sales, production, and accounting teams within one easy-to-use platform. From prospecting, to flat planning, to invoicing, we can help you every step of the way.

Go Beyond the sale

More Than a Publishing CRM

Publishers trust Ad Sales Genius to manage their sales contacts and perform other CRM tasks. But our publishing software capabilities don’t stop there. With full inDesign integration, interactive flat planning tools, and automated preflight checks to ensure print readiness, you can move from sales to delivery to invoicing—effortlessly.

Not to mention, features like built-in email marketing tools, advanced analytics reporting, and workflow automation allow you to unify your organization and streamline your processes.

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Ditch the Spreadsheets

Simple Ad Inventory Management

Keep tabs on your advertising inventory in real time. Set up recurring products for advertisers easily. No more spreadsheets or complicated calendars. We’ll manage what’s available to sell instantly. Your sales reps no longer need complicated ad traffic approvals to sell an ad.

Client Success Case Study: Omaha Publications

Omaha Publications’ publisher, Todd Lemke, nearly hired 1-2 additional staff members to cope with the company’s outdated processes. Then they switched to Ad Sales Genius. Read Omaha Publications’ client success case study to learn how our software increased profitability and saved the company time, money, and headaches.

Digital Programmatic Sales for Publishers

Sell the Same Premium Inventory as Major Agencies

Ad Sales Genius helps you clear two of the biggest hurdles media companies face when trying to compete for digital programmatic ad sales:

No huge minimum ad spend to access premium inventory on the web, on streaming platforms, and across iOS/Android devices. Ad Sales Genius grants you access to the same premium inventory for a fraction of the spend.

No learning curve. From setting up the types of digital programmatic campaigns you offer, to packaging products in ways that maximize profit, we coach your sales reps to start selling digital advertising as effectively as possible.

Plan & publish Your Print Products

Powerful Visual Flat Planning

Drag and drop finished ads into your visual flat plan, complete with support for editorial, all within our easy-to-use magazine management software. Changes between inDesign and your Ad Sales Genius flat plan sync automatically, ensuring your works-in-progress are always up to date.

Complete Two-Way Adobe inDesign Integration​

Communication goes both ways between Adobe inDesign and Ad Sales Genius, which means any changes made to design assets within InDesign automatically translate to Ad Sales Genius. That’s one less step for your designers that also ensures your products are always accurate and up-to-date.

Fulfillment, Renewals & More

Easy Paywalls & Subscriber Management

Our Subscription Genius software integrates directly with Ad Sales Genius, which makes your magazine subscription management a snap. Automate renewals, build paywalls for online content, and even take your fulfillment in-house!

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Built-In Quality control

Automated Preflighting

Confirm that your design work will translate to print perfectly with automated preflighting checks within Ad Sales Genius. Not only can you make automatic corrections, but preflighted ads are marked clearly in your asset library to eliminate confusion if they are to be used again.

Simple Revisions and Approvals

Integrated Ad Proofing & Review

Back-and-forth during the advertiser review process can clog email boxes and lead to delays in production. With our integrated proofing and review process, your advertisers can approve or comment their changes directly within Ad Sales Genius.


Automatic Tear Sheets

If tear sheets are taking up too much of your time, you aren’t using the right magazine management software. Ad Sales Genius simplifies the process of billing clients by automatically including a copy of the ad and the page the ad is placed on. 

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