Accounting Software for Ad Sales

Quick, Accurate Billing

Our CRM software preconfigures all essential billing information during the ad sales process. Now, invoicing is as simple as checking a box. Voila. Done.

Invoicing made simple.

Our accounting features are built GAAP-friendly, and with features like deferred revenue and payment plan support, Ad Sales Genius is built to work with your company’s existing sales and invoicing processes.

Smart General Ledger Tracking

Our general ledger tracks earned revenue, deferred revenue, liabilities, and more—so your accounting team always has an accurate, up-to-date outlook on your company’s fiscal performance.

Client Success Case Study: TouchPoint Innovative Solutions

Find out how Ad Sales Genius provides TouchPoint with a single CRM platform that simplifies bookkeeping and reporting by eliminating spreadsheets and other outside documentation.

Sales Team Management

Flexible Commission Management

Tiered commissions, targets by product, and unique commission schedules for all of your sales reps are all options within Ad Sales Genius. We also offer settings for bracketing, commission bonuses, and bonuses for earned goals to incentivize your sales team to beat their goals.

Automatic Credit Card Billing

Ad Sales Genius integrates with Authorize.Net & Stripe, allowing you to schedule automatic recurring billing when you assign a credit card to an advertiser. Invoicing (and getting paid on time) has never been easier!

Fast Invoicing

Fast & Easy Online Payments

Send digital invoices and receive payments online to get paid faster. Easily set up auto-recurring payments for your clients to keep things simple for all parties.

Automate Your Accounting Team

Ad Sales Genius ensures you avoid duplicate data entry and increase billing accuracy with automation features and easy accounting software integrations.

Payment Plans Made Easy

Do you offer advertisers the option to pay over time? No problem! With Ad Sales Genius, you can bill your customers for any amount on any date.

auto Everything

Invoices can automatically be generated and sent to clients based on your business rules. Automate collections with reminders and campaigns to ensure your invoices get paid on time. Or even setup automatic payments and skip the collections process all-together.


Whether you pay your sales reps based on a tiered commission, paid-on-paid, or a paid-on-invoice commission structure, Ad Sales Genius can accommodate. Count on our software to keep track of your sales team’s hard-earned dollars.

Avoid confusion

Digital Tear Sheets

“What am I being billed for on this invoice?,” is now a question of the past. Attach digital tear sheets with ad thumbnails to your invoice automatically to keep you and your advertisers on the same page.

Global capabilities

Multi-Currency & Multi-Location

Wherever you do business, and whichever type of currency you accept, Ad Sales Genius can adapt to keep your accounts receivable record keeping tidy and accurate.

Simple Billing by Delivery Method

When we say we were built to support all types of advertising, we mean it. Bill by delivery targets such as impressions, clicks, hours, or copies sold. No hoops to jump through and no workarounds necessary.

Customizable Transparency

Set Permissions for Your Organization

Keep all of your accounting data totally transparent, silo your information per team, or broadcast certain data on an individual basis, our permissions settings have you covered. 

Fully in-sync

Integrated With QuickBooks

Does your business use Quickbooks? Great. Our software syncs with your existing Quickbooks data to keep your finances in order and help minimize disruptions.

Not using QuickBooks? No worries. Ad Sales Genius is able to connect with many of the leading accounting platforms.

support for big businesses

Enterprise-Friendly Accounting

If you’re running a larger business, you can rest assured knowing Ad Sales Genius syncs with enterprise-level accounting platforms.

Empower Your Accounting Team.

Avoid Revenue Reporting Headaches

100% Accurate Earned Revenue

Custom payment plans don’t interfere with your earned revenue, so you can sell more products to more clients without interfering with your accounting.

Optimize Your Business With Data

Powerful Data Reporting

Combine your data in millions of different ways or use any of our preconfigured reports, some of which include:
  • Activity Summary 
  • Advertiser Balances
  • Aging
  • Forecast Sales Analysis
  • Goals
  • Product Sales Summary & Analysis
  • Sales Run Sheet
  • Year-To-Date Comparison

Ad Sales Genius Accounting FAQ

Does your accounting software support payment plans, trade, and barter?

Yes. Support for payment plans, trade, and barter is built right into our accounting software. We know flexible payment options are more important than ever for publishers and media companies. With Ad Sales Genius, your sales team can close the deals they need to keep your business growing.

Do I have to wait for my QuickBooks Online data to sync with your CRM?

No way! Our QuickBooks Online integration updates data in real-time—to and from our CRM. You’ll always have accurate, up-to-date accounting data across both platforms. This eliminates a ton of reconciliation headaches, especially for remote teams! Check out our blog about industry-best QuickBooks Online sync to learn more.

Does your CRM software offer auto payments for ad sales invoices?

Absolutely. Our accounting features are designed to help your accounts receivable team save valuable time and resources. Read our blog post to learn more about auto pay benefits with Ad Sales Genius.

Explore More Features of Ad Sales Genius


Our accounting features just might make you feel like you’ve doubled your accounting staff. By reducing duplicate data entry, our software can save you time, money, and headaches.


From two-way Adobe inDesign integration, to drag-and-drop flat planning, to automated preflight checks, our software features maximize your company’s production and delivery efforts.

Editorial Management

Keep versions organized, enable simple proofing and revision processes, and easily manage your freelance employees with our editorial software functions tailored for web and print publications.


Create custom reports that deliver the intel you need to manage your business’ health and growth. View reports on your dashboard and automatically distribute vital data to the people who need it most.


Generate the leads your sales team deserves with powerful, data-driven marketing tools that allow you to easily create landing pages, custom email templates, targeted campaigns, and more. No coding required.

Project management

Stay on schedule with project management software functions that increase inter-departmental communication, minimize downtime, and increase the value of your final products.