Digital Ad Sales & Placement Software

Online Ads From Sale to Invoice.

E-newsletters, paid social media placements, and digital sponsorships are joining products like traditional display ads. Ad Sales Genius handles all of these and hundreds more, and our software can be custom tailored to the way you sell—no developer required.

Maximize the Potential of Digital Products.

Ad Sales Genius helps you easily manage digital display ads, social media posts, sponsored content, or any other form of online advertising. Integrations with Google Ad Manager, Broadstreet, Hubspot, and WordPress go even further to help unify your online advertising products under one platform.

Easy Google Ad Placement

Google Ad Manager Integration

Move from digital ad production, to approval, to placement all within one platform thanks to our built-in Google Ad Manager integration.

Digital Integrations for Publishers

Connects to Broadstreet Ad Manager

Broadstreet Ad Manager cleanly integrates with Ad Sales Genius for a clean, providing publishers with an all-in-one business software solution for digital ads.

As Invested in Digital as You Are

Ad Sales Genius helps media companies and digital agencies sell more online advertising, with easy-to-use features and integrations that allow for fast production, easy delivery, and accurate invoicing.

Our software is built to support the types of ad products you sell from the moment you begin using it. No more software band-aids necessary to sell digital products alongside other offerings, and no need to hire a developer to update features or settings.

Client Success Case Study: Omaha Magazine

Omaha Magazine credits Ad Sales Genius for helping their publication increase its efficiency across the board. As a result, they were able to quickly adapt their products and start selling digital products. Read the case study to learn more about how their publications have benefited from Ad Sales Genius.

Customize to Your Products & Processes

Flexible for All Ad Types​

Ad Sales Genius was built from the ground up to manage all types of advertising, from online display advertising, to social media, to e-newsletters.There’s no need to hire a developer to set up your products.

Sell Products How You Want​

Sell sponsorships, impressions, clicks, targeted locations, and so much more. It’s like giving your sales team direct access to Google Ad Manager, but on your own terms. You’ll be able to set up specified templates for your team to use that allow them to adjust targeting criteria.

Straightforward Invoicing​

Generating online ad invoicing has never been easier! Ad Sales Genius automatically pulls all delivery results from Google Ad Manager and generates invoices automatically giving your team time to focus on more important details.