Ad Sales Software for Publishing & Media

Built to Handle Your Ad Sales

Whether you’re an ad sales rep or managing an entire team, our CRM software can elevate your natural abilities and help you close more deals. 

Achieve your ad sales goals with software automation.

Say goodbye to ad sales software that forces your business to adjust its products and processes to adapt to its limitations. With Ad Sales Genius, you get a CRM with the flexibility to automate your sales tasks your way.

Request a demo now to see how Ad Sales Genius can help you manage your success throughout every step of the sales process—whether you’re in publishing, selling online or out-of-home ads, managing an event, or any combination of the above.

Best-in-Class User Interface

There’s a reason more publishers, ad agencies, and marketers are switching from other CRM software to Ad Sales Genius. Our friendly, easy-to-use interface sets us apart! Get started with a demo today to see how your sales, production, and accounting teams can work more efficiently than ever before.

Adapts to Changing Business Needs

Future-Proof Ad Sales Software

Ad Sales Genius is compatible with the products you sell today, and flexible enough to handle the products you choose sell in the future. Our software was built from the ground up to handle the sales, production, delivery, and invoicing of nearly any type of advertising—with no custom coding or development required.

Client Success Case Study: Omaha Magazine

Ad Sales Genius helped Omaha Publishing transition their antiquated sales processes into the future with smart automation. Read more about how they credit our software with their ability to now sell digital products.

Gauge Your Sales Health

Drag-and-Drop Sales Pipelines

Set up a drag-and-drop visual pipeline to keep tabs on where your opportunities are living within your sales funnel. Now you know when a cold prospect becomes a warm one, or when your big fish sale is entering a crucial decision-making phase.

Prioritize Your Sales Leads

Score Your Leads Based on Your Business Goals

With our lead scoring, you get a visual cue to show the strength of each sales lead. That’s because Ad Sales Genius automatically scores leads based on a variety of customizable factors. It’s just another way our software automation can increase your ad sales potential.


Keep Communication Organized

Contact Your Leads Within Ad Sales Genius

  • Make calls and send/receive emails directly from Ad Sales Genius.
  • Create templated email campaigns that target specific groups.
  • Capture notes and actions along the way, and even track when emails are opened.
  • Book calls or meetings with our meeting scheduler.
With Ad Sales Genius, you will never lose track of when your leads and contacts were contacted, who reached out to them, and which methods were used to get in touch.

Software Built to Empower Ad Sales Teams

Integrated Calendar

Our two-way calendar sync works with Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and most other options to sync your appointments with Ad Sales Genius.

Custom Permissions

Provide as much transparency as you want to your team, but keep certain details private. Ad Sales Genius allows sales reps to do their job, and managers and stakeholders to view crucial data.

Fully Mobile Compatible

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, our full suite of features is available on any device. Create branded proposals and contracts from anywhere!

Client Success Case Study: Momentous Campus Media

Momentous Campus Media switched to Ad Sales Genius after searching for a 100% mobile-friendly software solution for their traveling advertising sales reps. Read our case study to learn more about how our CRM platform has helped their company create media sales proposals and contracts from anywhere.

Intuitive Sales Activity Feed

From anywhere within Ad Sales Genius, you’re just a click away from everything you need to know about your advertisers and prospects. Our activity feed provides a complete timeline view of every interaction or action related to a contact, including calls, emails, proposals, contracts, ad proofs, and more. Keep tabs on how often sales reps are interacting with advertisers—and even see when your leads open your marketing emails!

Add Digital Programmatic Sales to Your Inventory

Sell the Same Premium Inventory as Major Agencies

Ad Sales Genius helps you clear two of the biggest hurdles media companies face when trying to compete for digital programmatic ad sales:

No huge minimum ad spend to access premium inventory on the web, on streaming platforms, and across iOS/Android devices. Ad Sales Genius grants you access to the same premium inventory for a fraction of the spend.

No learning curve. From setting up the types of digital programmatic campaigns you offer, to packaging products in ways that maximize profit, we coach your sales reps to start selling digital advertising as effectively as possible.

Maximize Your Ad Sales

Real-Time Ad Inventories

Ad Sales Genius handles real-time inventory for virtually any type of advertising you sell, including custom publishing, broadcast media, print back pages, coupon books, newsletter availability, billboards, expo space, and more. Avoid overselling and maximize the value of each transaction!

Our inventory functions are designed to work with a variety of industries, including:

Customizable Dashboard​

Ad sales reps can easily track goals, followups, customized reporting, and other important data right from their drag-and-drop dashboard. And sales managers can set their permissions to gauge team progress at a glance.

Combine Product Types & Mediums

Easy Custom Packaging​

From print ads to digital outdoor to event sponsorships, there are no limits to the types of products you can package and sell with Ad Sales Genius. Customize packages to reveal only what matters to your customer—providing just the right level of detail to get the deal done.

Flexible Payment Options

Payment Plans, Barter, Discounts, & More.

Payment options should be as flexible as the types of products you sell. Charge fees and apply discounts any way you like. Track barter and discounts down to a granular level with our powerful reporting tools.


Pro-Level Proposals

Ad Sales Genius gives you complete control of proposal creation—from matching your proposals to your company’s branding to displaying your custom terms, conditions, and more. Proposals even automatically update within your sales pipeline!

Never Miss a Detail

Seamless Billing & Invoicing​

After you’ve made the sale, you can relax knowing that all of the details will be sent to your accounting department automatically. No duplicate data entry not only saves you time, it means more accurate billing—and happier advertisers!

Paperless Electronic Signatures

DocuSign Gets Deals Done Faster

Ad Sales Genius is fully integrated with DocuSign, allowing your sales team to land a deal anywhere, anytime, with no paper necessary.

Explore More Ad Sales Genius Features


Our accounting features just might make you feel like you’ve doubled your accounting staff. By reducing duplicate data entry, our software can save you time, money, and headaches.


From two-way Adobe inDesign integration, to drag-and-drop flat planning, to automated preflight checks, our software features maximize your company’s production and delivery efforts.

Editorial Management

Keep versions organized, enable simple proofing and revision processes, and easily manage your freelance employees with our editorial software functions tailored for web and print publications.


Create custom reports that deliver the intel you need to manage your business’ health and growth. View reports on your dashboard and automatically distribute vital data to the people who need it most.


Generate the leads your sales team deserves with powerful, data-driven marketing tools that allow you to easily create landing pages, custom email templates, targeted campaigns, and more. No coding required.

Project management

Stay on schedule with project management software functions that increase inter-departmental communication, minimize downtime, and increase the value of your final products.