Newspaper CRM Software

Smart Newspaper Management

Publishers rely upon our newspaper CRM software to manage their ad sales, print production, and billing. Book a demo now to see how Ad Sales Genius can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Increase productivity. Reduce costs.

Our newspaper CRM software was built to manage modern newspaper media businesses—from ad sales, to production, to accounting.

With Ad Sales Genius’ industry-leading software integrations and smart automation capabilities, your newspaper business will have the tools to run leaner and meaner than it ever has before.

Create Campaigns That Advertisers Want

It's Never Been Easier to Meet Advertiser Demand.

Our CRM software doesn’t limit newspaper teams to jus print advertising. We provide the tools to help you meet advertisers’ demands and create campaigns that sell—including digital and beyond.

With Ad Sales Genius, you can package print ads with programmatic digital, live event sponsorships, and  much, much more!

Ad Sales Genius screenshot showing magazine ad packaging
Brand Your Ad Sales Contracts

Easy Custom Sales Proposals & Contracts

Creating ad sales proposals with Ad Sales Genius is fast and easy. Add your branding, attach personalized terms and conditions, and prepend media kits—all with just a few clicks.

We automate the time-consuming parts of proposals and contracts, so that your sales team can focus on closing deals.

Best-in-Class Adobe inDesign Integration

Our two-way sync with Adobe inDesign allows newspaper production teams to work from anywhere, at any time, without overwriting existing work or duplicating tasks.

Software for Newspaper Production

Drag-and-Drop Flat Plans

With our industry-leading two-way Adobe inDesign integration,  your CRM stays in sync with your flat plan automatically. Drag and drop ads directly into your newspaper flat plans—right alongside your editorial. Production has never been easier!

Programmatic Ad Sales for Newspaper Businesses

Expand Your Digital Advertising Offerings

Ad Sales Genius is the only media-focused CRM software that offers access to programmatic campaign sales and reporting.

Access the same premium programmatic inventory as big name demand-side providers—on the web, on streaming platforms, and across iOS/Android devices— without the huge minimum monthly spend.

No advanced knowledge of programmatic ad sales is required! We’ll help your newspaper ad sales team set up campaigns that get results  and create a digital inventory that complements your existing offerings.

Client Success STORY: Omaha Publications

Omaha Publications almost hired 1-2 additional staff members to cope with the company’s outdated processes. Then they switched to Ad Sales Genius.

Read Omaha Publications’ client success story to learn how our software increased profitability and saved the company time, money, and headaches.

Ad Sales Genius ad inventory management software screenshot
See Ya Later, Spreadsheets!

Inventory Management for Newspaper Publishers

Ad Sales Genius’ real-time advertising inventory management leaves spreadsheets and calendars in the dust. Our software automatically tracks your inventory, which drives costs down and reduces duplicate work across your team.

Fun Fact: Your newspaper’s sales reps can even set up auto-recurring products to keep inventory management simple for their regular advertisers!


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Simplify Your Fulfillment & Renewals

Smart Subscription Management for Newspaper Publishers

Ad Sales Genius is designed to work in harmony with our Subscription Genius software, which makes managing your newspaper’s subscriptions and renewals simple and easy. Cut costs with in-house fulfillment and even monetize your online content with Subscription Genius’ custom paywalls!

Customize Your Point of View

Your sales, production, and accounting staff can drag and drop the stats, alerts, and reports they need into Ad Sales Genius’ customizable dashboard—fast. And with our reporting widgets, sales managers can manage vital business data at a glance.

Animation showing customization of Ad Sales Genius user dashboard
Ad Sales Genius screenshot showing e-newsletter campaigns for publishers

Digital Marketing for Newspapers

  • Pixel Trackers
  • Print Templates
  • Media Kit Creation
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Tracking
  • Tracked Email Campaigns
Software screenshot of Ad Sales Genius magazine ad library

Digital Asset Storage Made Easy

We offer easy file upload capability and hundreds of gigs of storage for types of digital assets that newspaper businesses need most.

Newspaper Accounting Software

Newspaper Accounting Software Tools

Ad sales data from each sale is automatically sent to your newspaper accounting team. This translates to reduced data entry and increased billing accuracy.

QuickBooks Online Talks to Ad Sales Genius

Two-Way QuickBooks Online Integration

Do you wish your current newspaper CRM could have a two-way conversation with your accounting software? With Ad Sales Genius, your wish is our command.

Our CRM software automatically syncs both ways with QuickBooks Online in real time—eliminating disruptions and enabling easy remote work capability.

Book a demo today to see how Ad Sales Genius can streamline your accounting team’s processes!

Ad Sales Genius screenshot showing QuickBooks Online integration