Software for Digital Out-of-Home Ad Sales

Do Out-of-Home Better.

With so many formats, placements, and locations to juggle, you need the right software to manage digital outdoor and out-of-home ad sales. You need Ad Sales Genius.

Your complete out-of-home advertising software solution.

Digital out-of-home ad products are evolving as fast as the technology that makes the placements possible. From digital outdoor billboards, to screens in airport dining areas, and everything in between, digital out-of-home is hard to ignore. As a result, it is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the advertising world.

Ad Sales Genius can help your business dominate the out-of-home marketing space. More than just a CRM, our software provides all of the tools you need to package, sell, deliver, and invoice digital out-of-home ad products—all within a single platform.

Digital Out-of-Home Screen Management​

We understand that outdoor advertising locations are not created equal. Get down into the weeds and configure the details of each deployment. You can even set custom rates and track delivery to ensure everything is performing as intended. Manage leases, rotate inventory, schedule placements, manage rates, and more.  

Smart Out-of-Home Ad Placement

Maximize Your Time Slots​

Know which ad is placed when and where. With our visual calendar, you can efficiently drag and drop placements – giving you full control over your inventory.

Simple, Organized Ad Storage

Full Digital Asset Library​

Ad Sales Genius is built to store all of the file types related to the out-of-home products you sell. Tracking down previous versions of an ad or running a past ad is now as simple as searching by advertiser and scrolling to the file you need.

Flexible Billing Options

Bill the Way You Sell​

There are so many ways to sell digital advertising: on-delivery, fixed amount, with or without thresholds, just to name a few. We give you the flexibility to bill based on your sales efforts—not the other way around.