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Flat Plan
Our sophisticated production tools make it easy to plan your publication and even automatically place assets in Adobe InDesign.
Adobe InDesign
Our powerful plug-in streamlines production processes including digital asset management and auto-layout book generation.
Magazines to Coupons
Ad Sales Genius supports a wide variety of print publications including: newspapers, magazines, journals and coupon books.
Manage locations
Manage all of your inventory in a single place. Set group rates, individual rates and more to make selling a breeze.
Digital Player Integration
Connect your digital players direct to serve ads seamlessly from a centralized system with full metrics tracking and automated billing.
Buses, Stadiums & more!
Built to sell more than just static billboards. Manage digital players, event venues and more. Fully configurable to your business needs.
Manage and track sold sponsorships. Everything from presenting sponsors to individual items such as lanyards, t-shirts and more!
Floor Plans
Layout and manage your expos' floor plan and available inventory in a single place. Enable your team to book sales with a click of a mouse.
Self-Service Checkout
Enable your customers to view and purchase exhibit space online. Plus allow your customers to upload any files and fill our any required forms.
Google Ads & DoubleClick
Book inventory directly on from your ad server, manage artwork & automate billing. Your ad trafficking can now be fully automated.

Broadstreet Ads
Connect your contracts directly to your ad server and manage every aspect of your sales. Automatically pull ad reports for impressions and clicks.

Schedules and more
Tracking what position is open in which newsletter just got easier. Our calendaring system will track your entire schedule of digital inventory.

exposition clients
exposition clients
exposition clients
exposition clients
exposition clients

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It's great to find a tool that grows with me. – Wendy Clark, Bird Watchers Digest

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