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Future-Proof CRM Software for Magazine Advertising & Media Sales

Ad Sales Genius is CRM productivity software that’s powerful enough to handle the ad products you sell and produce now, and flexible enough to adapt to the products you want to sell in the future. Businesses like yours deserve software that enables them to sell, produce, deliver, and invoice ads efficiently.

With Ad Sales Genius, there is no need to hire developers to set up your software or wait for feature updates to launch new offerings. With our support for thousands of advertising types and media products, you won’t need to rely upon spreadsheets or a tangle of software solutions.

Full Support for a Variety of Industries

From publishing to marketing agencies, to out-of-home ads and event management, Ad Sales Genius is CRM software that is customizable to your business model now—and ten years from now.

A clean, customizable, easy-to-use interface enables Ad Sales Genius to do much more than the CRM software you have used before. With our full-featured sales and productivity tools, your team can focus on what they do best: crushing sales goals and delivering the best possible ad products.


Productivity Beyond Other CRM Software

From prospecting to signed contracts, Ad Sales Genius offers tools that can power your ad sales team. This is the point where many other CRM solutions stop. Not us. Ad Sales Genius unifies the processes of your entire organization, across traditional and digital media, to reduce the need for additional software.

How Customers Across Advertising Industries Use Ad Sales Genius

Publishers use our software to generate magazine flat plans and power their online marketing.

Marketing agencies utilize our software to place ads online or out-of-home.

Event marketers use Ad Sales Genius to package sponsorships and map their floor plans.

Media companies rely upon our automation and programmatic features to maximize their resources.

Learn how Ad Sales Genius can help your business sell more, produce more, and earn more.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

From publishing, to online advertising, to event management, to digital out-of-home, Ad Sales Genius helps businesses increase productivity and crush sales goals. But don’t just take it from us. Check out our reviews to see what real-world Ad Sales Genius clients have to say about our software.

"We weren’t selling digital before Ad Sales Genius.
The software has made our jump to digital feel seamless."

Todd Lemke, Publisher, Omaha Magazine