Advertising Production & Delivery Software

Empower Your Production Team

Ad Sales Genius goes further than other CRM software by helping your production team get the job done after the contract is won. Details from each sale are seamlessly transferred to production to increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

In-Software Client revisions

Automated Proofing & Approvals

Approvals are simple and organized within Ad Sales Genius with a fully automated process that requires no emails to write, attachments to manage, or login credentials to remember. And with our notes function, any client can mark up the parts of a design they want changed.

Drag-and-Drop Flat Plan for Publishing

From magazines, to coupon books, to one-off custom publishing, our drag-and-drop flat planning tool makes producing published products simple. There are no complicated grids to set up, and no predetermined layouts are necessary.

Keep Ad Production Moving

Manage Ad Production Projects

Ensure your ad requests are seen by the team members who need to complete them. With our easy task creation option, you can manage big or small ad production projects from sale to completion.

Asset Storage Made Simple​​

Approved artwork is stored in Ad Sales Genius, which makes it easy for your team to see which ads have run in the past and to modify or reuse assets fast. Our asset library is compatible with most file types, including image files, audio files, video files, and even HTML5 for digital display ads and other types of interactive advertising.

Easy Google Ad Placement

Google Ad Manager Integration

Move from digital ad production, to approval, to placement all within one platform thanks to our built-in Google Ad Manager integration. Automate billing and inventory management with Ad Sales Genius.

Powerful Production Features​

Design Jobs Sync Automatically​

Making a change in inDesign? It’s reflected in your publication’s flat plan, automatically. What about preflighting changes before a print job, or updates based on client feedback? Don’t worry, Ad Sales Genius keeps track of it all—keeping you on track to do your best work.

Full-Featured Publishing Tools​

 Our interactive, fully-integrated visual flat planning tool works with Adobe inDesign to make layouts a cinch. And you can be sure your ads will translate to paper as expected with built-in print preflighting checks and corrections!

Built to Support All Ad Types​

From digital billboard placements, to HTML5 ads destined for Google Ads, to fully interactive flat planning for publishers, companies across a variety of ad-supported industries rely on Ad Sales Genius to help place their ads.

Two-Way Adobe inDesign Integration

Ad Sales Genius syncs both ways with Adobe inDesign, allowing your production team to focus more on their design work and less on communicating the play-by-play status of each job.

Maximize Your Resources

Automates Ad Traffic Control Process

Our software handles your ad traffic management automatically, reducing—or even eliminating—the need to hire ad traffic controllers to keep tabs on your media placements.

Client Success Case Study: Omaha Magazine

Omaha Magazine Publisher Todd Lemke credits Ad Sales Genius for eliminating outdated, inefficient processes that would have required additional personnel to support. Check out the full story in their Client Success Case Study!

See All Ads At-a-Glance

Effortless Tear Sheets

Ad Sales Genius keeps tabs of the ads you publish, display, or run and automatically creates tear sheets for your advertisers.

Explore More Features of Ad Sales Genius


Empower your sales team to sell bigger with tools for prospecting, convenient follow-up reminders, intuitive custom visual pipelines, and in-depth reporting tools.


Our accounting features just might make you feel like you’ve doubled your accounting staff. By reducing duplicate data entry, our software can save you time, money, and headaches.

Editorial Management

Keep versions organized, enable simple proofing and revision processes, and easily manage your freelance employees with our editorial software functions tailored for web and print publications.


Create custom reports that deliver the intel you need to manage your business’ health and growth. View reports on your dashboard and automatically distribute vital data to the people who need it most.


Generate the leads your sales team deserves with powerful, data-driven marketing tools that allow you to easily create landing pages, custom email templates, targeted campaigns, and more. No coding required.

Project management

Stay on schedule with project management software functions that increase inter-departmental communication, minimize downtime, and increase the value of your final products.