CRM & Productivity Software for Ad Agencies

Smart Marketing Agency Tools

Digital, email, outdoor, and broadcast are all fair game in the battle for influence, and managing simultaneous production within each these mediums can seem impossible without the right software. That’s where we can help.

Drive Efficiency With Integrations & Automation

As a marketer, your goal is to find your target audience and win their attention. But every day, your job becomes more difficult than the day before. Ad Sales Genius was built from the ground up to provide marketing and advertising agencies like yours with the tools necessary to stay organized, efficient, and focused on growth.

With easy-to-use features and powerful software integrations, our software allows your teams to conquer sales, production, delivery, and billing for all types of advertising.

Customizable to Your Agency Needs

Flexible for All Ad Types. No Development Needed.​

Ad Sales Genius was built from the ground up to manage all types of advertising, from digital content marketing, to social media, to events like ‘cons’ for sci-fi fans. Yet unlike some jack-of-all-trades CRM products, Ad Sales Genius doesn’t require you to hire a developer to tailor the product to your needs. In fact, we can have you up and running after a simple onboarding and setup process.

Keep Ad Assets Organized

Intuitive Design Asset and Editorial Management​

From in-house design teams, to teams of freelancers, to clients who provide assets and content, effective digital asset management can be a pain point for any marketing agency. Ad Sales Genius is capable of storing files of nearly any type—design files, audio/video, HTML5, and more—and organizing them by client account.

Complete Two-Way Adobe inDesign Integration​

Communication goes both ways between Adobe inDesign and Ad Sales Genius, which means any changes made to design assets within InDesign automatically translate to Ad Sales Genius. That’s one less step for your designers that also ensures your products are always accurate and up-to-date.

Powerful Online Ad Integrations

Online Advertising Management​

Ad Sales Genius helps you easily manage digital display ads, social media posts, sponsored content, or any other form of online advertising. Integrations with Google Ad Manager, Broadstreet, Hubspot, and WordPress go even further to help unify your online advertising products under one platform.

Easy Reviews & Revisions

Built-in Client Review for Design & Editorial​

The client review process for creative can lead to conference calls, prolonged email chains, and, ultimately, delays that cost you money. Ad Sales Genius eliminates this problem by allowing clients to review, comment, and approve or send back assets directly within Ad Sales Genius—keeping all parties on the same page and making revisions a snap.

Keep Your Content Flowing

Integrated Editorial Management​

Messy Google docs, email, and even direct messaging can all complicate editorial management. Not anymore. Ad Sales Genius offers integrated editorial management, which makes handling in-house, freelance, and sponsored content a breeze. Apply tracked changes, control versions, leave notes, and pay freelance contributors, all in one place.

Publish Within Our Software

One-Click Publishing to WordPress​

Are you still copying and pasting editorial content into WordPress? With Ad Sales Genius, that step is no longer required. Simply navigate to an editorial piece, click on the WordPress button to publish, and go get yourself a coffee for a job well done.