CRM Software for Media Sales

Powerful Media Sales Tools

Ad Sales Genius is flexible enough to adapt to the media products your business sells, yet powerful enough to keep your teams organized within a single platform.

Empower Your Media Sales Team

Media sales software should adapt to the processes your business has in place and the types of products you sell. Ad Sales Genius was built from the ground up to handle all types of advertising, without the hangups of software that feels like it caters to just one industry, or the headaches that come with jack-of-all-trades CRM software that requires customization from a developer.

Try Ad Sales Genius now to see how our platform can help your team sell more, deliver faster, and invoice more efficiently.

Easy Setup for Your Products

All Media Types. No Custom Development Needed.

Ad Sales Genius was built from the ground up to manage all types of advertising sales, from digital content marketing, to social media, to events like ‘cons’ for sci-fi fans.

Yet unlike some jack-of-all-trades CRM products, Ad Sales Genius doesn’t require you to hire a developer to tailor the product to your needs. In fact, we can have you up and running after a simple onboarding and setup process.

Empower Your Media Sales Reps

Cloud-Based and 100% Mobile Compatible​

Not only can your sales team members work from anywhere while using Ad Sales Genius, they can also work from any device. Unlike some apps with limited features and usability, our software is full-featured across all mobile devices and tablets with an internet connection.

Custom Branding for Every Client​

Proposals, contracts, and invoice templates can all be fully customized to match the brands you’re selling—complete with logos, colors, and formatting to suit each brand voice.

Manage Media Sales Goals

Owners, managers, and other business stakeholders can easily manage the success of their sales reps with interactive goal setting, fully customizable reporting, and activity lists that document calls, emails, follow-ups, and more.

Manage Your Entire ORganization

Multiple Business Units? No Problem.​

Ad Sales Genius can be configured to handle multiple business units, with the products, settings, and permissions you need for each of your team members.