Marketing Software for Advertising Sales

Track Down More Leads

Every sale starts with a prospect, and every step you take after your first point of contact could lead to a signed contract. If you’re relying on a spreadsheet or a barebones CRM to manage your marketing lists, you could be missing out on your next big sale.

Marketing Tools for Media Sales & Events

Ad Sales Genius harnesses the full power of your CRM data to increase your company’s marketing reach. Slice and dice your contact list into targeted groups and market to each of them directly.

With just a few clicks, you can create campaigns that target audiences within specific industries, doing business in certain geographic areas, or by just about any other factor you can imagine.

Email Marketing Done Right

Reach Your Audience

Targeted Email Campaigns​

Email you entire contact list or a specific group of contacts, the choice is yours. Whether you send immediately or schedule it for later, you can gauge your success with open rates, click rates, and other key metrics.

No-Fuss Custom Email Designs

Custom Email Templates​

Details matter. That’s why our full-featured email template editor allows you to design email templates that mesh with your brand and communicate your key selling points—no coding required.

Collect Data for Marketing

Email Pixel Tracking​

Don’t lose track of prospects after an email is sent. With Ad Sales Genius, you can automatically tag recipients with a pixel tracker for any remarketing or marketing services you may use.

In-Software Landing Page Creation

No Coding Required

Drag & Drop Landing Pages​

A conversion-focused landing page can help you target specific audiences on the web. With Ad Sales Genius, you can design and create fully custom, branded landing pages complete with the forms that live on them.

Gauge Interest in Your Products

Web Activity Tracking

Gauge interest by tagging key pages on your website to learn when your prospects and existing clients are viewing them and for how long.

Explore More Features of Ad Sales Genius


Empower your sales team to sell bigger with tools for prospecting, convenient follow-up reminders, intuitive custom visual pipelines, and in-depth reporting tools.


Our accounting features just might make you feel like you’ve doubled your accounting staff. By reducing duplicate data entry, our software can save you time, money, and headaches.


From two-way Adobe inDesign integration, to drag-and-drop flat planning, to automated preflight checks, our software features maximize your company’s production and delivery efforts.

Editorial Management

Keep versions organized, enable simple proofing and revision processes, and easily manage your freelance employees with our editorial software functions tailored for web and print publications.


Create custom reports that deliver the intel you need to manage your business’ health and growth. View reports on your dashboard and automatically distribute vital data to the people who need it most.

Project management

Stay on schedule with project management software functions that increase inter-departmental communication, minimize downtime, and increase the value of your final products.