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What Is Programmatic Digital Advertising?

Programmatic digital advertising is difficult for even the most experienced ad sales reps to truly understand. This is due, in large part, to the way it’s marketed by platforms that allow businesses like yours to sell it. At Ad Sales Genius, we’ve demystified programmatic advertising, so that your sales reps can start selling it fast.


Now you can offer cutting-edge digital ad products to your advertisers that target specific audiences across devices on the most popular websites, apps, and streaming content platforms. These are the same premium ad placements offered by platforms that cost tens of thousands of dollars—and they’re all available within Ad Sales Genius.

How does programmatic advertising work?

Check out our step-by-step guide to learn how programmatic advertising works.

Targeted by:




Streaming Platform

Previous Visitors

Proven Digital Campaigns, Automatically Preconfigured

You Sell. We Handle the Campaign SetUP.

Programmatic digital campaigns are powerful because they reach highly-targeted audiences using thousands of data points. To get the best possible results for your advertisers, you need to properly configure the hundreds of settings that go into campaign creation. 

Our programmatic sales experts have preconfigured the most popular and profitable campaign types across hundreds of industries for access within Ad Sales Genius.

Whether you’re selling to restaurant chains, financial institutions, or local retail, your sales reps can access proven campaign configurations that enable them to sell quickly and exceed client expectations.

Hundreds of Industries

Monitored & Optimized

Proven Track Records

3 Steps to Selling Digital Programmatic

Your sales rep reaches out to a potential advertiser. The business owner is now facing increased competition and is interested in digital ads to gain an edge. 

Ad Sales Genius displays a list of preconfigured programmatic campaigns to pitch to the business owner, along with easy-to-digest explanations of how the campaigns work. 


A proposal is automatically created that clearly explains the type(s) of programmatic advertising discussed on the sales call. 

Compete Head-On for Digital Programmatic Sales

Sell the Same Premium Inventory as Major Agencies

Ad Sales Genius helps you clear two of the biggest hurdles media companies face when trying to compete for digital programmatic ad sales:

No huge minimum ad spend to access premium inventory on the web, on streaming platforms, and across iOS/Android devices. Ad Sales Genius grants you access to the same premium inventory for a fraction of the spend.

No learning curve. From setting up the types of digital programmatic campaigns you offer, to packaging products in ways that maximize profit, we coach your sales reps to start selling digital advertising as effectively as possible.

We Analyze Your Market to Find Sales Opportunities

Pinpoint Demand & Deliver Turnkey Programmatic Campaigns

We don’t just provide your business with a software platform to sell digital programmatic—we provide 1-on-1 guidance to set up your sales team for success.

It starts with research. We analyze your market, your advertisers, and your historical sales data to determine the types of campaigns your reps are most likely to sell.

Then, we coach your sales team on how to sell and package digital programmatic like experts. The campaigns are preconfigured to meet your company’s needs, and they are ready to launch with one click. After the sale, we monitor and optimize all of your active campaigns behind the scenes to ensure your advertisers are satisfied.

Our Team Handles:

Market Research

Sales Coaching

Digital Product Setup

Campaign Optimization

Ad Sales. Production. Billing. All In Sync.

Ad Sales Genius: Software Built for Ad Sales

Ad Sales Genius is the most powerful software built for ad sales. With support for thousands of types of advertising, you are able to seamlessly integrate digital programmatic sales into your existing inventory—no matter what you sell.

From full-featured commission reporting, to real-time inventory tracking, to production asset management, your sales reps will be equipped with all of the tools necessary to sell more ads.

And with automation features and deep software integrations for industry-standard platforms like QuickBooks Online and Adobe inDesign, you’ll see efficiency improve across your organization.