Programmatic Sales: Can Your CRM Keep Up?

Ad Sales Genius is the first CRM for publishers and media companies to support in-software programmatic sales. Our thinking behind this is simple. First, your advertisers want digital advertising. Second, with programmatic, you can help those same advertisers reach their key demographics, in their homes, based on over 500 targeted settings.

To summarize, with Ad Sales Genius, you can sell programmatic campaigns alongside your existing ad offerings within one platform.

Programmatic Sales: Learn The Basics

The technology that makes programmatic work can seem complicated. As a result, many publishers are hesitant to stray from the products they know best.

But before we get into the details, we have some quick and dirty advice. If you don’t offer programmatic to your advertisers, another business will. And when you do start offering programmatic, your brand influence and existing relationships will give you a leg up on many agencies.

Meanwhile, check our Demystifying Programmatic webinar to learn the basics for a 101-level guide to programmatic sales.

Get Expert Guidance to Start Selling Programmatic Fast

We’ve partnered with January Spring, a digital agency, to provide sales reps with the training they need to start selling fast. From campaign setup to programmatic pitches, your sales team will be equipped to weave the latest digital offerings into profitable campaigns with your existing ad products.

We Help Publishers Package and Sell More Ads

Ad Sales Genius is unlike other “legacy” magazine CRM products. Of course, we provide all of the tools and automation options for magazine managers. But the difference is this: we built our software to support all of the types of advertising that publishers and media companies want to sell.

This means you can effortlessly manage sales, production, and accounting for print, digital, events, and broadcast. Now, you can package and sell advertising in ways that appeal to your customers. Your sales reps will have the power to add programmatic to your print ad packages, live event sponsorships, or e-newsletters, or sponsored content.

All the while, billing, reporting, and other key CRM features are built to know what you’re doing and provide the details you need.

Premium Inventory Without the Eye-Watering Cost

Ad Sales Genius grants you access to programmatic inventory on the popular sites, apps, and platforms people use every day. Usually, access to premium inventory like this requires tens of thousands of dollars in spend per month. However, that’s not the case with Ad Sales Genius.

Our programmatic sales features give you the freedom to increase revenue without sky high minimum spend requirements. Moreover, our inventory is the same quality as demand-side providers who charge fees that only large digital agencies can afford.

More Publishers Are Choosing Our Software

Schedule a free personalized demo today to see why more publishers are choosing Ad Sales Genius. From sales, to production, to accounting, we provide the tools your business needs to drive ad revenue, increase efficiency, and boost team communication.

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