Outdated Software Tech Can Send the Wrong Message

Whether your business sells digital outdoor ads, offers cutting-edge audience programmatic targeting methods, or places emphasis on e-newsletters, your advertisers expect to see results. And when it comes to understanding the tech that underpins these products, they’re looking to you for the answers.

This all points to one all-important fact: the technology you use can affect the perception of your credibility among advertisers and prospects.

Printing, Faxing, and Scanning, Oh My!

When it comes to technical advertising products, especially those that require complex setup and reporting, you’re the subject matter expert in a sales relationship. Your reps are expected to explain CPMs, audience segments, and digital delivery methods to your advertisers.

Now, taking a step back, think about the following scenarios from an advertiser’s point of view:

  • Receiving a proposal or contract that looks as if it were created in a free word processing program.
  • Faxing or scanning documents back and forth between their business and yours.
  • Waiting for invoices to arrive in their mailbox.
  • Juggling email threads for approvals on new creative assets.

You’re selling cutting-edge advertising, and you expect me to drive to the nearest fax machine?


Magazine publishers, local/regional agencies, media sales execs, and coupon reps all face a similar challenge that’s complicated by situations like those listed above: stiff competition from big tech companies and aggressive startups.

The old adage “show, don’t tell” goes a long way here. Show your advertisers you’re on the top of your game by providing the technology to help them succeed from the very start.

From beautiful, branded electronic contracts, to the ability to handle instant digital signatures, to offering electronic invoices with auto pay, your client experience should be seamless, pain-free, and feel like a barometer of the results your advertisers can expect from your products.

You Deserve Intelligent Ad Sales CRM Software

With integrations like DocuSign, and features such as custom-branded contracts and in-software creative approval, Ad Sales Genius is the most intelligent ad sales software for managing magazines and selling out-of-home, event sponsorships, and programmatic digital.

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