Equip Your Media Business to Work From Anywhere

Tackling your work out of the office isn’t new. First it was called telecommuting. Then working remote. Now, for an increasing number of people, it’s just the way they work for a few days each week.

The last part is qualifier in the sentence above is key, though. Many people head home with their work when they know it’s the type of work that can be completed at home. This means that there are still tasks that require face-to-face communication or the use of equipment that can’t leave the office.

Now, with the threat of coronavirus cutting off business travel and shutting down traditional workplaces, more businesses than ever are searching for ways to get their work done from anywhere.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few factors to consider when setting up your CRM to allow your employees to work from anywhere.

Cloud-Based Asset Storage

For a media business that sells advertising, asset storage is vital. Whether you’re dealing with images, bus wraps, billboards, or A/V files, you need:

  • Client approval capabilities that keep everyone in the loop.
  • Storage that allows your production team to work from anywhere.
  • Access across devices that doesn’t require complicated FTP or server setup.

All 3 of these demands can be met if you ensure the CRM you’re using has the capability to store your ad sales assets in the cloud.

Total Access Across Devices

In an office environment, the IT department has an advantage. This is because equipment and software roll-outs are standardized, which helps ensure seamless access to critical software and data.

Remote work is different. Outside of the office, file servers require access. And at home or elsewhere, people check email and notifications on different devices. The result is, oftentimes, communication across teams becomes disjointed.

To truly tackle your business needs from any location, your CRM should serve as the backbone of your business. This means full access to data from all devices, all the time, with:

  • 100% mobile-friendly capability.
  • Full integration with your communication, production, and accounting software.
  • Zero complicated installs, updates, or roll-outs.

Software Integrations Matter

Your CRM software must integrate with critical business software if you want your business to run seamlessly from anywhere.

  • Communication tools like Slack should work in conjunction with your CRM to keep teams in the loop.
  • Accounting software should sync both ways with your CRM to eliminate duplicate work and inaccuracies.
  • Production assets should flow from client approval to layout to delivery without any bumps along the way.

When it comes to ad sales, lots of CRM software options tout their software integration options. Kick the tires on your current platform’s integrations to make sure they stand up to the demands of a remote workplace.

CRM Software Built to Sell Ads, Anywhere

At Ad Sales Genius, we build the most powerful ad sales software available. Whether you sell print, digital, outdoor, or events, our tools go further than any traditional CRM platform.

If you’re in the media business and evaluating software to run your business with remote capability, we want to help. Schedule a demo of Ad Sales Genius today to see how our software can help your business do more.

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