How Much Are You Spending on Accounting?

Switching business software is a big move that must make financial sense. Simply put, the cost of your software should be offset by the software’s capabilities, features, and integrations.

When evaluating a CRM, you’re judging its worth in terms of productivity. For many CRMs, this translates to benefits for your sales team. But what about the cost/benefit for your accounting processes?

GAAP Compliant Accounting Practices?

GAAP stands for “generally accepted accounting practices.” Together these practices form the standard for recording and reporting business accounting data.

When evaluating an ad sales CRM, confirm its software accounting features are GAAP compliant to save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.

Ad Sales Accounting Software Checklist

If your business sells advertising or sponsorships, here are some of the accounting features you should evaluate before switching CRMs:

  • Two-way QuickBooks integration: Does the CRM sync both ways with QuickBooks Online to automatically reconcile accounting data across your organization?
  • Deferred revenue tracking: Can the accounting ledger accurately handle deferred revenue?
  • Multi-currency: Does the software support multiple currencies for global transactions?
  • Commission management: Is your software able to support your commission structure, or will you be forced to adapt your processes to the software?
  • Recurring credit card billing: Can the software handle automatic recurring credit card billing for easy invoicing?
  • Custom branded invoices: Are you able to easily brand the invoices generated by your CRM to your existing business collateral?

Save Time and Money on Ad Sales Accounting

If you’re spending thousands of dollars (or more) on accounting each year, it’s time to evaluate your ad sales software. With the right combination of integrations and features, a new CRM solution may cost only a fraction of what you’re spending on bookkeeping and invoicing. Keep this in mind when you’re assessing the cost of a potential software solution compared to your current processes.

Ad Sales Genius Can Help

At Ad Sales Genius, we build software to help businesses that sell almost any type of advertising. As such, our CRM accounting features can handle the most demanding situations across print, digital, out-of-home, and event ad sales.

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