Feature Spotlight: Trend Reporting

Ever needed to answer the question, “How are the numbers looking?” If you have, you know that quality reporting not only serves as the main barometer of your company’s success, it can also help you evaluate results in new areas of growth or investment.

With Ad Sales Genius’ custom reporting, you have the power to run hundreds of reports with exactly the data you need, display the results in the way that works best for you, and save, print, or export the reports as you please.

Now, we’ve taken that idea one step further. Have you ever wondered how your numbers compare to other companies in your market space?

Up or Down: Your Company or Your Industry?

Our new Trends category lets you easily find out how your numbers stack up against the average of all Ad Sales Genius customers with aggregated, anonymous data that measures factors including:

  • Invoices: Average Days to Pay
  • Media Sales Average % Change
  • Average Activity by Rep
  • Average Rate Card Discounts
  • Commissions Pay Rates

Our team is always looking to improve on reporting features. If you have specific areas of concern within your ad sales industry—whether it’s publishing, out of home, online advertising, or event and expo planning—we’re open to implementing new trend types to help you feel more in control of your business’ health.

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