Is Your Ad Sales Software Built to Grow With Your Business?

You’ve probably heard us mention that Ad Sales Genius was built from the ground up to support any type of advertising product. So, what exactly does that mean?

Over the years, we witnessed a trend among CRM software platforms that handled advertising sales—they are usually rooted in one type of product. Whether catering to magazine publishers or broadcast media or digital agencies, many products on the market feel like they were built to handle one type of product and bandaged to handle everything else.

We coded our software from the very start to be flexible enough to handle hundreds of types of advertising products and the ways they are sold—by placement, or size, or impression, or a variety of other metrics. Not only does this product philosophy make life easier for businesses to sell and package many types of advertising, it also helps us create a clean, friendly user interface that just makes sense.

Don’t Get Caught Waiting for a “Big Update”

We’ve heard it from many businesses that make the switch and join the Ad Sales Genius family: “Our current solution is supposed to include these features on their next big feature update.”

At Ad Sales Genius, we do things a bit differently. Rather than deliver huge, infrequent updates that force your team to relearn core software features, our flexible architecture allows us to add to our features and capabilities incrementally.

Not only does this keep your team moving by minimizing training or adjustment time, it also means that our team is able to adjust to emerging advertising trends on the fly—so your sales team sell what’s hot, when it’s hot.

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