Ad Sales Genius Partners With January Spring to Expand Into Programmatic Sales

We’re excited to announce a strengthened partnership with Denver, Colorado-based digital agency January Spring that expands Ad Sales Genius’ features and services into digital programmatic sales and coaching.

“Digital programmatic sales are a viable revenue source for media companies, and we see sales continuing to grow even with the present challenges businesses are facing,” says Joel Pape, CEO of Ad Sales Genius.

“Together with January Spring, we can now provide the tools publishers and agencies need to conquer digital programmatic campaign sales—including inventory access, personalized coaching, guidance, and optimization.”

The powerful combination of in-software programmatic sales capabilities with January Spring’s expert knowledge provides a host of benefits to Ad Sales Genius customers, including:

  • Access to the same premium inventory as major DSP platforms at a much lower cost.
  • Coaching to help businesses maximize their digital sales and revenue potential.
  • Personalized campaign setup and packaging based on real-world data and results.
  • Hands-off campaign optimization and management to ensure success.

You can download a PDF of the press release here.

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