Momentous Campus Media: Client Success Case Study

Find out how Momentous Campus Media has increased their sales potential with Ad Sales Genius' CRM software.

Why the Switch to Ad Sales Genius?

Momentous Campus Media isn’t your typical publisher. In fact, they recently rebranded to separate themselves from traditional publishers and underscore their true purpose: to help prospective college students and their families make informed decisions during a momentous time in their lives.

Momentous builds tools—including print publications, websites, videos, and apps—that work together to tell the stories of more than 40 educational institutions and their surrounding communities.

However, something big was holding them back from this mission: antiquated software solutions were making it hard to work efficiently. Additionally, it was nearly impossible for their sales team to work outside of the physical office. Momentous went searching for an all-in-one, web-based solution, and they found Ad Sales Genius. Its not only exceeded the functionality of their three existing solutions, it was also adaptable enough to handle Momentous’ unique product lineup.

The Result

“Ad Sales Genius offered a single, turn-key solution that helped us unify our sales, production, and billing.”

Randy Goldner, Head of Media Sales, Momentous Campus Media

With Ad Sales Genius, sales team members can finally work from anywhere—on any device—painlessly. And their work stays in sync with the production and billing teams, increasing overall efficiency across the organization.

Email is a main lead generation source for Momentous. As such, email marketing features within Ad Sales Genius have proved fruitful for the company. Because it’s now easy to send to targeted groups of potential advertisers, the emails sent by the sales team are more personalized than ever before. The result: more leads and higher sales potential.

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