Smart CRM Software For Publishing and Media

Software That Adapts To Your Products & Processes

Ad Sales Genius is built to help your business manage print, digital, and event advertising. With our CRM software, you have the freedom to create and sell campaigns that meet advertiser demands without the limits imposed by software built for just one industry.


Whether you’re publishing newspapers, niche publications, or coupon books, you need software powerful enough to anticipate your every need—so you can make the most out of every sale.


With a full arsenal of ad sales tools, smart workflow automation features, and cutting-edge software integrations, Ad Sales Genius is the complete CRM software solution for magazine management.

Online Ads

Use our CRM to sell programmatic digital campaigns, website takeovers, CPM campaigns, and more. Manage digital campaigns easily with Google Ad Manager and Broadstreet Ads integrations.

Expos & Events

Manage your your events, expos, and trade shows to be as profitable as possible with Ad Sales Genius. Our event CRM software can help you sell sponsorship packages and booth spaces and automate your billing and A/R processes.

Out Of Home

Increase the value of your digital out-of-home advertising products and placements with our software. Sell, schedule, and rotate digital out-of-home ads in any desired configuration across multiple locations with Ad Sales Genius.

Ad Agencies

Manage more products across more mediums with ease with our software tools. Agencies can use Ad Sales Genius for online ad creation and placement, content marketing campaigns, events and sponsorships, and more.


Television or radio. Terrestrial or digital. No matter which broadcast products your sales team offers, our software can help unify your team, drive more ad sales, and automate or eliminate repetitive processes.


From print publications, to sponsorship management, to live events and expos, our CRM software can help your association take control of ad sales, production, delivery, and billing.

Media Sales

Manage media sales of all types across multiple business units with Ad Sales Genius. Our software is fully mobile compatible, so your reps can close the deal anywhere, on nearly any internet-connected device.

"We weren’t selling digital before Ad Sales Genius. The software has made our jump to digital feel seamless."

Todd Lemke, Publisher, Omaha Magazine