Advertiser Auto Pay Is A Mutual Benefit

Within any business that sells advertising, the Accounts Receivable team has a demanding job on their hands—especially when advertisers don’t pay on time. Sound familiar? Not to fear. One step can help reduce the amount of calls, emails, and letters to track down payment, and it’s easy to implement: advertiser auto pay.

Auto pay saves your A/R team time. It saves your advertisers’ accounts payable team time, too. And, with a little help from the right ad sales software, it’s a snap to set up and get rolling.

Auto Pay Is a Courtesy for Advertisers

If your advertisers have paid invoice-to-invoice for years, they may be reluctant to switch to auto pay. This is where messaging matters.

Auto pay is a mutually beneficial courtesy for both parties involved. Your advertisers are still able to scrutinize invoices and communicate with your team about their charges before a payment is scheduled, just as they would with print invoices.

However, with auto pay, payments are applied without printing checks, stuffing envelopes, or paying postage. Not only are your advertisers saving dollars, they’re saving time—and let’s not forget about the trees!

Save A/R Team Time and Resources

Whether you manage an issue-based magazine or you’re selling programmatic digital ads, your A/R team is the link between your sales and the dollars your business is owed. By automating repetitive tasks, such as invoice creation, and reducing the need for time-consuming follow-ups on late payments, your A/R team can focus on:

  • better, more accurate record keeping.
  • faster resolution of billing discrepancies.
  • personalized customer service.

Software automation can’t replace an all-star accounting staff. But it can provide them the time they need to focus on tasks that move the needle for your business.

Does Your Ad Sales CRM Extend Your Employees’ Capabilities?

Advertiser auto pay and automated invoicing are just two CRM capabilities that make a huge difference in how your accounting team performs their daily functions. Is your current ad sales software up to the task? If not, please allow us to show you the way.

At Ad Sales Genius, we build software to help publishers, media sales pros, event sales reps, and other ad sales professionals do their best work. See how we can help you sell, produce, and invoice better—schedule an Ad Sales Genius demo today.

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