Software for Association Ad Sales

Sell More. Do More.

From print publications, to sponsorship management, to events and expos, Ad Sales Genius can help your association take control of ad sales, production, delivery, and billing.

Powerful Software for Association Ad Sales & Management

Running an association—such as those that empower professionals, businesses, trades, or the advancement of a cause—requires juggling communications, events, sponsorships, and more. If you’re relying on a tangled mess of spreadsheets, documents, and email to do your job, you’re likely missing out on opportunities to sell more, and ultimately, to do more.

Ad Sales Genius unifies the sales, production, delivery, and billing requirements for associations like yours into a powerful, yet simple-to-use platform. More than just a CRM, our software provides you with the tools you need to manage your products, increase your visibility, and crush your goals.

Adapts to Your Products

Support for Unlimited Product Types​

Some CRM software solutions were designed around one type of product, which translates to a lack of full-featured support for all of the products you sell. Bigger, jack-of-all-trades CRMs often require tens—or even hundreds—of thousands of dollars in development costs to customize to an association’s needs.

Ad Sales Genius was engineered to handle all types of advertising from the start, and our onboarding process is designed to have you up and running fast.

at-a-glance ad inventory

Simple Inventory Management​

Keep track of your advertising inventory in real time to avoid double-booking your sales, and save time by setting up recurring sales with just a few clicks.

Software for Association Management

Ad Sales Genius includes a full suite of software features that empower your organization’s employees to sell more advertising products—including print, online, sponsorships, and more.

Manage Multiple Business Units​

Configure Ad Sales Genius to handle your multiple business units, with the products, settings, and permissions you need for each of your teams to sell, produce, deliver, and invoice.

Plan Events & Sell Sponsorships​

Build a visual floor plan for your event within our software and sell booths and tables to exhibitors and sponsors with easy self-service checkout. Real-time inventory is available to both your team and prospective exhibitors, and all functions are fully mobile compatible. 

Goal Setting & Team Management​

Owners, managers, and other stakeholders can easily manage the success of their teams with interactive goal setting, fully customizable reporting, and up-to-date records of calls, follow ups, and other day-to-day actions that drive sales.

Drive Email Ad Revenue

E-Newsletters Made Easy​

Email newsletter advertisements and sponsorships are serious business with excellent revenue potential, and they can be easily managed as products within our software. With Ad Sales Genius, it’s never been simpler for your association to create, maintain, and sell email newsletter placements and packages!

Powerful Print Communication​ Features

Producing communications has never been simpler with our drag and drop visual flat plan, complete with full Adobe inDesign integration and support for editorial assets. Changes within inDesign even sync with your flat plan to ensure your works-in-progress are always up to date.