CRM vs. ERP Software: Here’s What Matters for Publishers

Publishers often talk about business software in terms of CRM (customer relationship management) platforms. But, when it comes to productivity, ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is vital for publishers to maximize efficiency and resources.

Now, let's talk about what an ERP does for publishers and how one platform can increase both sales and productivity.

Publishing ERP Software Increases Productivity

ERP software manages your core business units using a shared database. This means you are able to link sales, production, and accounting data within a common platform.

Here's a simple example. First, you record a new ad sale. Your inventory adjusts to reflect the sale. Second, your production team gets the order. Third, your accounting team receives the data for invoicing. Finally, the data is accessible within your reporting to keep you up to speed on where your business is going.

It's easy to see how data accessibility increases productivity. Your teams are synced, and there are far fewer opportunities for important tasks to slip through the cracks.

CRM + ERP = The Tools to Realize Your Full Potential

We often refer to Ad Sales Genius as "so much more than a CRM." That's by design. While Ad Sales Genius is a full-featured CRM for ad sales, it also serves as ERP software for publishers.

Ad Sales Genius allows publishers to connect their ad sales, production, and accounting teams with shared data. And in the spirit of automation, we've designed our software to minimize duplicate tasks and repetitive data entry. Data from each ad sale flows from team to team, ensuring your core business functions run smoothly day after day.

In conclusion, if you're a publisher looking for an ERP solution, this is good news. With Ad Sales Genius, you get the most powerful ad sales CRM and a purpose-built publishing automation platform in one.

It's Time to Reevaluate Your Publishing Software

There has never been a more important time to maximize efficiency and shore up your processes. At Ad Sales Genius, we're ready to help your team increase their sales potential and maximize their available resources.

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