When It Comes to Email Mass Marketing, Details Matter.

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When it comes to email marketing for ad sales, your objective should be to nurture a relationship with your audience. Of course, sometimes, there will be quick blasts that showcase limited-time offers. But generally speaking, you’re looking to keep your connection with readers strong. And in that case, details matter!

What details you ask? Well, in many cases, it’s the most basic information attached to your contacts.

Tough Customer? Keep It Out of Your CRM Contacts.

Let’s say you have a customer named Terry, and he’s a tough cookie. He demands, he haggles, and he’s trigger happy with email. After dealing with Terry, it’s natural to want to vent. But when you vent into your CRM software, that’s where things can go very wrong. How so?

A former sales rep entered his name as “Terry DayRuiner. And although that rep is long gone, it’s still in the system. Because, well, Terry is a day ruiner.

Now, you’re pushing your latest event sponsorship package. Your email merge tags are set to include a full name. You schedule the email to send and go about your day. The phone rings. It’s Terry. And he just got a “personalized” marketing email letting him know exactly what you think about him.

When Email Merge Tags Go Wrong

In the case above, email merge tags are innocent. They’re just pulling your CRM data into your emails. It’s your contact information that wronged you! So here’s our word of warning before your next big email campaign: preview your email templates, and double-check your customer data. Neglecting to do so may just end up ruining your day.

Email Marketing Automation Software for Ad Sales

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