Webinar: Share Revenue-Generating Ideas for Ad Sales

The COVID-19 crisis is unfolding at an exponential pace, and the speed with which it’s affecting the global economy is unprecedented. It’s more important than ever for businesses across the media and publishing sales industry to share ideas and get through this time together.

This Friday, we will be hosting a webinar to provide an opportunity to share ideas on a variety of industry revenue-related topics, such as:

  • How to mine ad sales data for new opportunities
  • Types of advertising to sell in current conditions
  • Packaging & discounts
  • Adjusting sales pitches to better reach decision makers
  • Cost-saving strategies

The one-hour webinar is scheduled for Friday, March 27, at 1 p.m. CT, and is open to professionals across the media and ad sales world. We invite you to share your revenue-generating tips and ideas during this challenging time.

Click here to register for our revenue ideas webinar today.

Join Our Ad Sales Community

This week, Ad Sales Genius launched our new online community forum, and it’s open to everyone. There are many great ideas for publishers and media sales professionals out there right now, and we created a place to facilitate the sharing of those ideas.

We invite you to join and send the link to others you know in the industry. Together we can get through this tough time.

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