Webinar: Demystifying Programmatic Advertising

Digital programmatic is a mystery to many publishers and media professionals. You’ve no doubt heard some of the industry buzzwords, such as household targeting, retargeting, geofencing, and so on. But can you define what it is and how it works?

Join Joel Pape, CEO of Ad Sales Genius, and special guest Charity Huff, CEO of digital agency January Spring, for a webinar where we demystify programmatic advertising. We’ll walk you through how it works and address a variety of digital advertising topics, including:

  • How and why programmatic works
  • Competing with agencies for digital market share
  • Product and campaign setup
  • Finding the right digital offerings for your market
  • Optimization and reporting
  • Digital programmatic Q&A

View the Recording Now

Missed the live event and want to view the recording? We’ve got you covered. Click here to view a recording of our “Demystifying Programmatic” webinar!

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Digital Programmatic Packaging & Sales

May 28 @ 12 p.m. CST

Learn how to package digital programmatic campaign sales with your current offerings for maximum revenue potential.