Use Search Engine Trend Data to Reach Your Audience

Maybe you’re brainstorming editorial content for a magazine or web feature, or perhaps you’re mining for ad sales prospects that will resonate with your readers. Whatever the case may be, the struggle is real when it comes to reaching your audience’s ever-evolving tastes and preferences.

There is good news, though. It’s 2020, and you have access to more audience data than at any other point in human history.

Because of this, sifting through the sheer amount of available data sources can seem like a daunting prospect. Our advice? Start with the easy pickins’—search engine trend data from Google Trends.

Get to Know Your Audience With Google Trends

Google Trends is easy, powerful, and free to use. It’s also easy to parse through the data it provides. Essentially, you can dig into data on search terms or topics, including their popularity:

  • within a certain country, city, or region
  • over a certain length of time (hours, weeks, years, etc.)
  • by search category (Arts & Entertainment, Travel, etc.)
  • by search type (Google search, image search, YouTube, etc.)

When it comes to content creation and ad sales, the use cases for Google Trends seem near-infinite.

Example: Thinking about doing a summer concerts feature for your city magazine? Get started by searching and comparing bands/acts to get a sense of the buzz surrounding their upcoming shows. Then, ad sales reps can reach out to businesses where the hottest shows are located to pitch targeted ad packages and promotional tie-ins.

Pit Topics Against Each Other

Google Trends also allows you to compare search terms or topics against each other to gauge search volume over time. With just a few clicks, you can compare the buzz surrounding baseball vs. football, or rock music vs. bluegrass, or by just about any other topic you can imagine.

With some savvy searching, you will never miss the mark on an editorial piece or an ad sales opportunity.

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