Go far beyond selling print and online advertising. Ad Sales Genius supports virtually any traditional and non- traditional ad format, enabling you to expand your reach.

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Supported ad formats


At the heart of it all we have printed magazines. Construct the unique specifications of your publication within Ad Sales Genius, and manage the sale of your print ads like never before. With efficiency in mind, sizes, issues and rates are ready at the click of a mouse.

Social Media

Give you advertisers a voice to showcase their brands on one of the fastest growing mediums in the advertising world. With Facebook ads and Twitter posts, your advertisers can engage their audience on new platforms, creating new opportunity across the board.


In a world where electronic communication is at the forefront of advertising, Ad Sales Genius has you covered. Package your email advertisements with ease and never miss out on an opportunity for bigger sales!

Web Ads

Let the Genius web ad server do the work for you when booking ads for the web. Now, placing ads online, rotating ads, removing them, and tracking impressions can all take place within your CRM! Consolidate your business and increase revenue with one easy tool.


Couple your newsletter with ad opportunities to give your advertiser’s a further reach into your audience than ever before. With a diverse repertoire of advertising packages, your sales reps will always be in a position to succeed.

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