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Ad Sales Genius eliminates much of the manual work in running a typical publishing company. Leads flow from sales to production to accounting– all without pushing paper. Our clients tell us our automations reduce human error and speed up the sales process.

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Ad Sales Genius connects sales teams with their own production and accounting departments, and offers unparalleled flexibility and workflow customizations.

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A direct line into quickbooks.

Any updates that made in their
Ad Sales Genius accounts are imported into QuickBooks in real-time, ensuring that sales teams are never out-of-sync with their accounting departments.

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Advertising far beyond magazines alone.

With more than 250 supported ad formats, Ad Sales Genius is leading the way for advertising companies of all sizes. In addition to online display advertising and traditional print advertising, Ad Sales Genius facilitates ad placements on billboards, coupon books, billboards, and even within virtual reality games.

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Continuous layers of security.


Our software is hosted by the global leader in web hosting. Rackspace provides physical security and redundancy with power generators, multiple internet connections and 24/7 monitoring.

SSL Encryption

Ad Sales Genius uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all web pages within our software. SSL is the same technology utilized by banks to protect online account access.


With hourly data backups you can rest assured that your most important data is secured and will never be lost.

10 reasons to choose ad sales genius.


Combined Ad Server

Ad Sales Genius combines the traditional ad server with a web-based CRM, eliminating the time consuming task of manual data entry for production managers. With a combined ad server, Ad Sales Genius is able to serve ads from their start dates and take those ads down when contracts expire. This happens automatically within the web-based system.


Digital Proofs

Digital proofs cut down on the time production departments spend requesting customer approvals and tracking requested changes. Integrated tracking features keep sales and production staffs aware of any changes their clients have requested.


Dual Integrations

While competing solutions offer data file dumps when importing sales information into QuickBooks, Ad Sales Genius takes a smarter approach. With dual directory integrations, you never have to worry about double entries or unformatted data.


Email Integration

Ad Sales Genius is one of the few advertising management solutions that pulls copies of its users’ emails into its web-based platform. This ensures that a complete record of all communication between sales reps and clients exists, and helps advertising companies fulfill the promises made to their customers.


Easy Setup

Sales reps aren’t interested in wasting time setting up their advertising management platforms, which is why Ad Sales Genius has developed a solution that’s incredibly easy to setup and use. Companies that use Ad Sales Genius are typically able to be up-and-running within hours, versus the days or weeks it can take to begin using competing solutions.


Team Collaboration

Ad Sales Genius gets everyone on the same page, and cuts down on cross-department miscommunication. Sales, production, and accounting departments are brought under one roof, with intuitive features meant to optimize productivity, decrease redundancies, and speed up the sales cycle.


Real-Time Run Sheets

Production departments can track ad requests and page placements in real-time with digital run sheets. Even proof statuses are easy to manage when teams utilize Ad Sales Genius’ integrated platform.


One-Click Proposals

Proposals can be generated and emailed with just one-click, thanks to Ad Sales Genius’ state-of-the-art automation system. Sales reps can send proposals to clients as PDFs and quickly convert those proposals to contracts when approvals are acquired.


Seamless Invoicing

With Ad Sales Genius, invoices are easy to create, send, and track. Accounting departments can generate hundreds of invoices at once, and sales reps can track the status of their clients at any point along the way.


Total Security

Let Ad Sales Genius handle the tough stuff. With a continuous layer of physical security and redundancy, feel safe knowing their critical information is secure.

the beginning-to-end solution

Within the publishing market, there are many products that do a good job at one specific thing. Unfortunately, they are overly complex and don't play nice with one another. We're putting an end to the patchwork problem. Ad Sales Genius is the first beginning-to-end solution that handles all back-office processes – no engineering degree required.


Our powerful CRM allows for prospecting, followups, forecasting, proposals, custom fee structures and so much more.

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Use custom workflows, ad proofs, asset management and advanced integrations to super charge your production team.

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Flexible accounting tools to fit every need with powerful reporting, payment plans, general ledgers and a lot more.

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