TouchPoint Innovative Solutions: Client Success Case Study

Thanks to Ad Sales Genius, TouchPoint Innovative Solutions has access to powerful software tools to help grow their publishing business.

Why the Switch to Ad Sales Genius?

A marketing and communications firm, TouchPoint Innovative Solutions includes a publishing division responsible for a variety of print products, including a college magazine, a B2B magazine, and a parenting magazine. They were utilizing a combination of Salesforce, multiple spreadsheets, and QuickBooks to manage their day-to-day business processes, which was proving to be not only unwieldy, but also a data verification nightmare.

TouchPoint needed a new software solution that integrated with QuickBooks and that cut down on the time required for reporting. Their main justification for switching to a new platform was simple: to lower bookkeeping costs by keeping all necessary data within reach.

The Result

“The ability to now keep production assets in one place is amazing. A designer can easily go in and grab an asset. Adding proofing feedback by sending a message within the system is a big plus.”

Jeanne Coates, Chief Operating Officer, TouchPoint Innovative Solutions

Ad Sales Genius provides TouchPoint with a single CRM platform that simplifies bookkeeping and reporting by eliminating spreadsheets and other outside documentation. Jeanne Coates, COO at TouchPoint Innovative Solutions, says the company’s onboarding was much smoother than past experiences. “[Ad Sales Genius] has some of the best customer service out there, and the issues I encountered were often addressed in a matter of hours.”

TouchPoint’s design team is also benefiting from Ad Sales Genius’ production features, such as internal ad proofing and built-in asset libraries for each advertiser. These features have streamlined the company’s art production processes and eliminated many back-and-forth email chains related to ad approvals and revisions.

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