The Top 3 Must-Have Software Integrations for Magazine Management

In a year of unprecedented challenges, publishers must ensure their magazine management is leaner and meaner than ever before. If you are looking at ways to increase efficiency and maximize your sales potential, switching to more powerful magazine CRM software should be high on your list. As you evaluate your options, it’s important to examine how that CRM can work with your other software platforms to help your team run like a well-oiled machine.

Today, we’re going to focus on three must-have CRM software integrations for magazine management that you can get with Ad Sales Genius.

Magazine Management Integration #1: Two-Way Adobe inDesign CRM Integration

Adobe inDesign is the industry standard for publishing asset design and production. It’s where the magic happens after the contract is signed and the insertion order is created.

Integrating inDesign with your CRM is a smart move. It allows your sales software to talk to your production team. But Ad Sales Genius goes further. Our software allows your CRM and inDesign to have a two-way conversation. This means your flat plan in Ad Sales Genius is always up-to-date with production in inDesign. Changes made to the flat plan within Ad Sales Genius are reflected within inDesign.

A two-way inDesign integration translates to faster, more accurate magazine production in a work-from-anywhere world.

Magazine Management Integration #2: Two-Way QuickBooks Online CRM Integration

Access to current accounting data is vital when it comes to smart magazine management. As such, it’s a logical step to tie your accounting platform to your publishing CRM.

Unfortunately, many magazine CRM solutions only feature a one-way integration with QuickBooks Online. This means that business stakeholders must wait for a daily sync to reconcile data between their CRM and their accounting software.

At Ad Sales Genius, we changed the game with the first two-way QuickBooks CRM integration in the publishing industry. This means real-time access to sales and accounting data at any time, on QuickBooks Online or Ad Sales Genius.

Magazine Management Integration #3: Google Ad Manager

Ad Sales Genius was the first magazine CRM to integrate with Google Ad Manager, and for good reason. Publishers deserve a complete view of their online ad sales. Digital sales are now an essential piece of any magazine’s long-term revenue strategy. Our Google Ad Manager integration provides the digital advertising data access you need.

This year, Ad Sales Genius is breaking new ground to expand digital ad sales tools for publishers with our programmatic ad sales features. Now, you can access and sell the programmatic inventory your advertisers want—all within our CRM software.

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