To Whom Are You Blasting?

Email blasts are a tempting sales tool for any sales rep: one email template to rule them all! But if you’re using the shotgun approach to send the same email to hundreds or thousands of contacts within your CRM, you may not be sending the right message to the right advertisers.

To this effect, we here at Ad Sales Genius suggest the following: dig deeper into your CRM contacts before you send your next email marketing blast.

Drill Down on Specific Industries With Custom Lists

Tailor your email marketing blasts to the audiences within your existing contacts. The easiest way to do this is to create separate lists of advertisers using tags. Some simple examples include:

  • Target your “Restaurants” tag with a push for your annual food event
  • Target your “Childcare” tag for your parenting publication insert
  • Target “Financial” during tax season

You can go even further by creating individual lists of stakeholders within each business, too. A great example is a CEO list that you can email (or call!) for a Best of Business feature. Rather than blasting an entire organization, you can get right to the decision maker for the product you want to sell!

Location Matters

Depending on the potency of your CRM, your data, and your email marketing platform, it pays to focus on location, too. Whether your media company serves different cities/markets entirely or highlights different neighborhoods within the same city, creating email lists based on location is a surefire way to fill ad placements around relevant content. If your current software solution(s) cannot do this easily, they should.

Can You Create Audiences Based on Your Business Needs?

Life would be easier if every business sold literal widgets. Unfortunately, that Econ 101 example doesn’t do us much good in the real world. That’s why you should maximize the functionality of your data by segmenting your audiences based on your own unique business case.

Questions to ask yourself while setting up your ad sales CRM may include:

  • What steps are in my sales pipeline, and can I target advertisers by where they stand within the sales process?
  • Can I target businesses based on factors such as when they last bought advertising from me?
  • Can I easily create custom CRM fields to segment my audiences in ways that may become relevant in the future?

If you’re using a CRM platform without mass email marketing capability, you must also ensure your ad sales CRM and your email marketing platform play well together!

We Want You to Sell More

At Ad Sales Genius, we created software that far exceeds the capabilities of an out-of-the-box CRM—because we want businesses like yours to sell more advertising. Whether you manage a magazine, place programmatic, sell digital out-of-home (DOoH), or package event sponsorships, we’re here for you.

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