Successful Management of Ad Sales Barter Relies Upon the Details

When it comes to your ad sales, barter and trade can be a great way to do business. From bartering for event tickets to woo prospective advertisers, to trading for cleaning services for your offices, the values of the goods and services you receive can often outweigh standard forms of payment.

However, without details attached to each transaction, barter and trade deals can turn into a headache when it comes to your overall financial management. In many cases it comes down to one simple question: were the goods or services you received a form of compensation, a luxury item, or were they in lieu of paying a business expense?

Your CRM’s Ad Sales Barter Categories Matter

If your ad sales software places barter under one total dollar amount, you aren’t equipping yourself to see the big picture. Unfortunately for many magazines, agencies, and expo planning companies, a number of CRM software solutions falls under this category.

With Ad Sales Genius, you can break down your barter into as many categories as you desire. This allows you to separate your trade and barter into categories that truly reflect what they mean to your business. Your cleaning services can be categorized as a business expense, your home team box seats can be flagged as a luxury item, and your other trades as various other types of compensation.

Detailed Data Makes Financial Management a Snap

Ad sales reporting software is only as strong as the data it can draw from. Super Bowl seats and rug cleaning mean different things to your business, so why place them in the same category? With barter and trade categorization in place, you will have the information on hand to understand the full value of each transaction.

Looking for ad sales CRM software with the flexibility to handle a variety of barter, trade, and alternative payment categories? With the power to manage ad sales across hundreds of different product types and industries, Ad Sales Genius offers the reporting and customization options you need to manage your business better. Fill out the form below to schedule a free demo now!

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