Smart Data Entry Means Increased Efficiency

Most business software solutions promise increased efficiency in some form or another. However, when it comes to advertising sales, one area where your team could be saving a lot of time is data entry.

Data entry isn’t a fun topic. It’s dull, it’s tedious, and the entire process screams, “Can’t someone just automate this already?” At Ad Sales Genius, we hear you loud and clear. That’s why our platform is built around a simple idea: sales data should only have to be entered once.

Let the Data Flow Through Each Sale

A common ad sale goes something like this:

  1. Your sales rep chats with a prospect and puts together a proposal based on their business needs.
  2. The prospect agrees to the terms of the proposal and a contract is created.
  3. After the contract is signed, and your proposal becomes an advertiser.
  4. Your production team creates the assets and delivers the placements purchased by your advertiser.
  5. Your accounting team bills the advertiser based on the delivery.

Now, it’s time for a bit of reflection. How many times does your current process require you to enter your data per sale? If your answer is greater than one, it’s time to think about the software your business is using to manage its advertising sales.

From Contract to Invoice, and Every Step In Between

With Ad Sales Genius, your rep creates a proposal that becomes a contract. One the contract is signed (electronically if your business uses DocuSign), the order is created, and your:

  • Sales reps are credited with the proper commission.
  • Production team receives the ad order(s) based on the contract.
  • Accounting team can automatically generate an invoice based on the sale—including tear sheets.

In conclusion, your sales rep enters the data at the time of sale—and everything else falls into place. This makes for improved communication, reduced tedium, increased accuracy. Pretty cool, right?

It’s Time to Check Out Ad Sales Genius

Ad Sales Genius allows your sales, production, and accounting teams to focus on what they do best. Whether you manage a magazine, sell digital or outdoor advertising, or manage event sponsorships, our CRM software is designed to save you time and money. Fill out the form below to schedule a demo of Ad Sales Genius today.

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