Simplify Ad Traffic Management to Increase Efficiency

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Efficient ad traffic management is a key to success in publishing and media. Above all, it relies upon your team having access to the right tools.

Over the years, we’ve heard from many publishers who struggle with ad traffic management. While smaller publishers often struggle to get these tasks done with limited resources, bigger media companies often require a platform that easily manages their many moving parts.

Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to design software that helps magazine publishers and media companies of all sizes simplify their ad traffic management. Here’s how.

Get a Top-Down View of Ad Traffic Management

Our software is much more than a media sales CRM to manage advertiser contacts. We grant you a top-down view of your sales, production, and accounting teams. As a result, you can effectively handle multiple job responsibilities within our software, including:

  • Incoming ad orders
  • Job scheduling
  • Robust project management tools
  • Inventory management for print and digital
  • Editorial and sponsored content management
  • Freelance submissions

In short, smaller businesses can handle many traffic management tasks without the need to hire additional staff. Meanwhile, larger businesses can use our software tools to keep their ad traffic managers working at their best.

Keep Advertiser Assets Organized

Think about your advertising asset storage. First, there are the production file naming conventions that people eventually ignore. Second, there are the folder trees that becoming increasingly confusing as time goes on. Finally, there are often multiple locations where files are saved—including (gasp!) local drives.

With Ad Sales Genius, your production assets are organized by advertiser. Our easy file upload and storage means you can find what you need to complete your ad orders, year after year. Moreover, our platform is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, so you can get the job done at home, in the office, or anywhere in between.

Finish Jobs Faster With Easy Ad Proofing & Approvals

Nothing hangs up an efficient creative team like lagging ad proofs and approvals via endless client email chains. So, we’ve rethought the entire proofing and approval process. With Ad Sales Genius, your advertisers can leave direct feedback on proofs within our software with one click. No special login required. Consequently, your ad production team sees the feedback fast. And with precise direction from your advertisers, you can make proofing changes fast without back-and-forth guesswork.

See Why Media Companies Choose Ad Sales Genius

It’s more important than ever before for media businesses to maximize their efficiency. That’s why magazine publishers and media companies, big and small, are choosing our software to manage their sales, production, and accounting processes.

Schedule a free personalized demo of Ad Sales Genius today to see how our software can help your business run leaner and meaner!

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