Set Regular Meetings With Your Big Advertisers

One of the top advantages of a talented sales rep is their ability to guide an advertiser towards the ad products or packages that best suit their needs. But whether you’re in media or broadcast sales, selling digital ads, or running a magazine or publishing business, one fact is certain: your advertisers’ needs change, and so do the products you sell.

One simple change can help you tackle these factors head-on: setting quarterly meetings with your big spend advertisers to discuss their needs and the products you have to offer.

A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

Your biggest clients like to be recognized for the advertising money they spend. Taking a proactive stance to help them manage their spend takes recognition one step further, by showing—rather than just saying—that you care about their needs. Setting aside time each quarter to review success metrics, new products, and changing business needs is a simple way to deepen the relationship between your sales reps and your advertisers.

Create New Ad Sales Opportunities

It’s a rare day when an advertiser approaches your sales team asking for a particular ad product or package. A quarterly meeting with a focus on goals and results is the perfect time for your sales team to approach your advertisers about new advertising opportunities.

Whether you’re packaging new products into their current spend, or you’re suggesting increased spend on the types of advertising that perform best, your suggestions can help your advertisers get the best possible results from the products and placements you have to offer.

Scheduled quarterly meetings are your sales team’s chance to build product awareness and sell more advertising in the best way possible—in a “right-now” context, empathetic to their business concerns, and backed by results-driven data.

Think About Your Ad Sales Software

If you’re not arming your sales team with software that’s flexible enough to create custom advertising packages, branded electronic proposals and contracts, and even automated run sheets, you may be missing opportunities to maximize your revenue.

Schedule a free personalized demo of Ad Sales Genius today to learn how our sales, production, and accounting software tools can keep your team in sync and doing what they do best.

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