Sales Software Checklist: Bus Ads? Check. Digital Billboards? Check.

If you sell outdoor advertising, you deserve CRM software that plays well with your products. Unfortunately, many out-of-home advertising sales reps struggle with sales platforms that can make contracts, production, and invoices a chore. Sound familiar to you? If so, we’re glad you’ve found us.

Ad Sales Genius is built to sell advertising. Not just print, or digital/programmatic, or outdoor—but nearly any type of advertising. Not only does this make our CRM future-proof as new types of advertising gain traction, it also helps you sell more efficiently—even if you’re selling different size advertisements on different types of city buses.

Software Flexibility Matters With Out-of-Home Ad Sales

One fact we’ve kept in mind since we first built Ad Sales Genius is that advertising evolves over time. Placements, delivery methods, and metrics change, and we believe sales software should be able to adapt. As such, we’ve built software with the flexibility to handle thousands of different types of ad sales.

Product setup is easy. From there, customizable options allow you to sell, produce, and invoice the products your advertisers want to buy. This means your sales team can focus on selling:

  • Digital billboards (including delivery).
  • Transit and vehicle advertising.
  • Traditional out-of-home ads.
  • Other types of OOH/DOoH placements.

Ad Sales Genius will ensure your inventory is up to date, your billing is fast and accurate, and your team is communicating effectively through every job.

Smarter Out-of-Home Ad Sales Software

If you sell out-of-home advertising—on a vehicle, via digital billboards, or using any other method—you deserve software that works seamlessly with your products. Schedule a demo today to how Ad Sales Genius can tie your sales, production, delivery, and billing together to help your business sell smarter.

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