Sales Activity Reporting Data Can Be a Training Tool

Sales software that offers activity reporting is enticing to owners and sales managers as a business tool. Activity reporting can also benefit sales reps who want to show these stakeholders the work they are doing without any additional steps in their process. But there’s another use for activity reports that many sales users overlook—sales mentoring and training.

Activity Reporting Provides Opportunities to Learn What Works

Do you have one sales rep (or division) that’s absolutely killing their goals? If so, have you taken a look for outlier data within their activity reports?

Here’s an example: Amanda is the company’s rockstar sales person, bringing home triple the sales revenue of junior sales rep, Chase. When comparing their activity reports, it’s evident that Amanda is booking twice the number of appointments as Chase within the same amount of hours worked.

This begs the question: What steps is Amanda taking to book her appointments, and what parts of her process can Chase use to increase his success? If you can translate the data into actionable steps, you can coach your greater sales team to replicate the success of your most successful salespeople.

Ad Sales Activity Reporting Relies Upon CRM Software Adoption

Sales team software adoption ultimately affects the accuracy of your sales activity reporting data. Without accurate logging of data—phone calls, appointments, emails, and other points of contact—you won’t have a clear picture of the steps your ad sales reps are taking to get each sale.

Depending on your software and its user experience, adoption can be a challenge. After all, adding tedious extra steps to the sales process isn’t the easiest argument to make to a team that’s main goal is to close deals. If your goal is to coach up your reps to sell better as a team, it’s important for managers and stakeholders to preach the virtues of activity logging as a business performance tool.

Are You Happy With Your Sales Software Activity Reporting?

At Ad Sales Genius, we integrate directly with email, RingCentral phone systems, and calendar software to automatically log contact with your existing client CRM data.

If you call a client contact on your cell phone via RingCentral, and their data is entered in Ad Sales Genius, the call is logged automatically. No disruption necessary. The same goes with booking a meeting or sending an email. Interested in seeing our ad sales automation in action? Schedule a demo now to book a free, personalized tour of our ad sales software!

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