July 2019
Ad Sales Report

Real numbers to measure your success.

The metrics below are a summary of July's sales performance compared to June among all of our customers.

*Note: We have identified an issue where bi-monthly publications were affecting the monthly numbers. We have updated our algorithm to reflect the impact these products have on the trends.


5.4% from July 2018


63.4% from July 2018


36% from July 2018


21.7% from July 2018

Average Discount

*Based on Rate Card, Includes Barter
26% July 2018

2019 YTD Sales

All Sales

Days to Paid Invoices

*Excludes 180+ Day Invoices
39.8 Days
45.5 Days in August 2018
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About this Report

Ad Sales Genius customers use our CRM to handle hundreds of millions of dollars in ad sales across a variety of industries. Using confidential, anonymized data from these businesses, we offer at-a-glance trend reporting that shows you how your company is stacking up against other Ad Sales Genius customers. Whether you’re an Ad Sales Genius user or not, our monthly trend report provides you with a quick snapshot of industry data to keep you up to date with what’s going on in your industry.

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