Publishers, Is Your CRM Focused on Automation?

Trust us, automation is more than a buzzword. It's the idea that good software can help you create the best possible products while utilizing the most efficient processes.

When automation is at the center of your publishing sales software, your team can do their best work. Here's a breakdown of why software automation matters for publishers.

Automation By Design

First, let's talk software design philosophy. CRM platforms that are designed with automation in mind will alleviate bottlenecks and eliminate duplicate tasks across your different areas of your business.

When data flows from one task to the next, your staff keeps their momentum as tasks are passed onward. Your sales data moves seamlessly from an e-signed contract directly to your production team for design and delivery. Invoices generate from the same data, which increases speed and decreases the potential for errors.

In conclusion, software should feel like an extension of your business. If you're patching an imperfect CRM with additional spreadsheets or—gasp—post-it notes, you're losing time and money.

Real-Time Software Integrations

Next, let's talk software integrations. A software integration truly works when it extends the usefulness of the platforms that it connects. Major platforms that matter to publishers—like Adobe inDesign for production and QuickBooks Online for accounting—make our lives easier. So, too, does a good CRM.

If your current software integration leaves you waiting for data to sync, or requires a one-way data sync, you're not getting the most out of any of your business software solutions.

When evaluating your CRM, think about the way your data flows between sales, production, and accounting across platforms. Now, more than ever, working remote effectively is key to survival. When your software integrations offer real-time data syncing, your teams can communicate effectively from anywhere.

Rethink What You Know About Software for Publishers

At Ad Sales Genius, we work hard to create future-proof CRM software that helps publishers maximize their efficiency. This philosophy sets us apart from many other solutions for magazines, digital, and events. Request a demo today to see how our software can help your business run leaner and meaner than ever before!

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