Programmatic Ad Sales Put Publishers Above Digital Agencies

For publishers looking to increase revenue and expand advertising offerings beyond print, digital is the obvious answer. Yet the prospect of competing against dedicated digital agencies can seem like an overwhelming prospect—especially if you’re just getting started.

Here’s the good news. If you have access to the same programmatic inventory as the digital agencies that you’re competing with, you’ve put yourself at an advantage. As a publishers, you have three things they don’t have—and you can leverage them to drive more revenue.

Publishers Have Brands

When it comes to selling advertising, media brand influence not only matters, it’s a key factor in driving more revenue. From print, to events, to directory opportunities, businesses are familiar with your brand. And when you offer digital programmatic as an advertising option, you can leverage the brand trust you’ve built for years. Your sales reps are able to convince businesses to make the jump to types of digital advertising that may have seemed scary or out of reach before in a way agencies cannot.

Publishers Have Relationships

Your sales reps have longstanding relationships with businesses in your market, and these relationships matter. This point is a simple one, but it goes a long way. If you’re offering the same targeted digital campaigns as outside agencies, your best and most longstanding advertisers will be more apt to trust their money with you.

Publishers Have an Audience

Your content, events, social media presence, and influence are all factors that play to your advantage while prospecting for digital sales. Think about sponsorship opportunities and how they play with your audience. From newsletters, to social plugs, to sponsored directories, you can package your targeted digital campaigns with opportunities to get in front of your audience for increased exposure. This is a great way to build revenue and sales relationships.

Combine Your CRM With Digital Programmatic Sales

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