Nurture Your Leads With Automatic Replies & Follow-Ups

When you have potential advertisers at every stage of your pipeline, it’s easy to focus on the leads that are most likely to close. But not every lead is ready to make a buying decision right away. If you’re not nurturing your leads, you may be missing out on big sales and potential lifelong customers.

So, how do you juggle your follow-ups with your closers? If your answer is “a whole lot of email writing,” you’re a prime candidate for lead nurture automation.

It’s All in the Drip!

Savvy marketers love targeted drip campaigns—a series of pre-written communications that are intended to “drip” pertinent information to contacts at different stages of the buying cycle. It’s easy to see why. These campaigns keep you top-of-mind from the time of initial contact until your prospect is ready to make a buying decision.

And thanks to automation, they require you to write one series of emails that can nurture an entire segment of your prospects. Naturally, it pays to have this capability built into your CRM.

As your emails are sent to each lead, you will have a record of back-and-forth communication to draw upon as you make the sale. All in one place—with no post-it note reminders, browser tabs full of half-written emails, or going back and forth to your CRM to confirm vital details about your contact.

Ad Sales Genius Offers Follow-Up Drip Campaign Automation

With the push of a button, Ad Sales Genius allows you to initiate a custom drip workflow to a prospect. Thanks to fully customizable automation, you can choose how long you wait to reach out and what steps you want to take in between each email.

Here’s an example: You reach out to a contact and they are interested, but not ready to make a decision. With one push, you initiate a follow-up workflow.

  • They receive a thank you email within an hour of first contact.
  • Then, two days later, they receive a second drip email outlining the virtues of your latest ad offerings.
  • A follow-up task is created to call the prospect two days after the second email is sent.
  • Finally, they receive a third email in one week inviting them to schedule time on your calendar.

With one click, you’ve created a series of follow-up communications and tasks! As you work your book of business, you can ensure top-of-mind awareness among your new prospects. Automation is truly a beautiful thing!

Focus On What You Do Best—Selling!

With follow-up drip campaigns and workflows, you can take back time on your calendar to focus on your deals most likely to close. Whether you’re managing ad sales in the digital space, for a magazine, or anywhere in between, our CRM software can help your team sell, produce, and bill more efficiently than ever before.

Schedule a free demo now to see Ad Sales Genius in action and learn how our software help publishers, agencies, and events companies sell more advertising.

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