Increase Ad Sales Revenue by Getting Organized

If you’re reading this wondering how you can increase ad sales revenue, take a look around your workspace. First, let’s start with your computer desktop. How many spreadsheets and docs do you see? Second, we’ll move to your desk itself. Do a quick scan and tally the sticky note reminders you see in front of you. Finally, let’s talk email. Could your inbox use a little pruning?

Here’s the thing. Quite obviously, none of the practices mentioned above will prevent you from selling ads. However, they can—eventually—prevent you from selling more ads. The hours involved with updating spreadsheets, tracking down and communicating handwritten notes, and sorting client emails add up fast. And the more time you’re spending doing admin work to support your sales, the less time you have for selling!

With all of that said, let’s talk about how a focus on organization can help publishers increase ad sales revenue.

Increase Ad Sales Revenue by Ditching Spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are the ultimate organization tool. So why would we suggest banishing them from your organization?

Because, for many organizations, they’re an invasive species. You have sales spreadsheets and production spreadsheets. Don’t forget about the client or issue-specific spreadsheets. As these spreadsheets grow, they become clunkier and harder to search. Worse yet, comparing data from one spreadsheet with another requires even more time and energy!

There are a lot of reasons why CRM software matters for publishers, but the big win is that all of your business data is easily accessible, searchable, and in one place. Moving from docs and spreadsheets to a CRM is the business equivalent of weeding a garden: proper ad sales software enables you to focus your resources on the products with the most value.

Burn the Sticky Notes Too.

Okay, I’ll admit that burning your sticky notes is a bit dramatic. But the point we’re trying to make here is simple. Your client notes, reminders, and other vital data should live where it can be easily accessed by those who need it. Everything you know about your prospects and advertisers can help your team provide the best possible level of service.

When you start sharing helpful information in a CRM platform, your team has the tools to win over advertisers. Which means, quite simply, more repeat business.

Put Your Email to Work!

Think about email across most publishing companies. First, you have sales emails. Prospecting, proposal creation, and contract approvals are mixed with discounts and offers. Next, you have production emails with ad artwork requests and proofing approvals. Finally, you have accounting emails that involve sending invoices and processing payments.

Now imagine if all of these emails were centralized in one place. As an owner/publisher or manager, you would have the ability to see each step of the ad sales process from prospecting to invoice payment. Your data is stable in times of employee turnover, accessible from any web browser, and always up to date.

This is why organization matters. And the only way you’ll get to this point is with a CRM that’s built to take control of your ad sales process and help you transform your media business into an ad sales machine.

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