Harness the Power of Your Audience With Events & Expos

Publishers and media companies have a powerful connection with their audiences. And if you’re in the media business, you’re probably looking for ways to help monetize the content you deliver. Whether you cover a niche topic, or you manage a magazine or publication caters to a specific city or region, the answer, at least partially, may be as simple as events or expos.

Live experiences provide an amazing way to bridge the gap between your content and your audience. From a business perspective, they also provide businesses like yours with an opportunity to build valuable sponsorships and forge powerful brand partnerships.

Moreover, event opportunities can be built right into the types of content you already deliver. Some examples these events may include:

  • Summer camp expos put on by regional parenting magazines
  • Food truck or best-of restaurant fairs put on by regional print or online publications
  • Trade expos put on by professional associations
  • “Un-conferences” or career networking events put on by marketing agencies

Take Control of Your Event and Expo Sales

When it comes to planning and executing a successful event or expo, it comes down to two factors: the concept and supporting content you provide, and your ability to sell sponsorships and packages that provide maximum revenue opportunities for your business.

With Ad Sales Genius, you can easily package advertising and sponsorship sales that cater to the nature of your event. For example, you may choose to package e-newsletter ads, website takeovers, and physical booth sales within one DocuSign contract. You can even map your expo floor and sell exhibition space using our software!

No matter what types of ad products you decide to sell for your event, Ad Sales Genius is software designed to work alongside your sales team and keep them selling. Want to find out more about how Ad Sales Genius’ event and expo features can help you bridge the gap between your content and your audience? Schedule a free Ad Sales Genius demo today!

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