Free Live Webinar: Programmatic Packaging & Sales

Our recent free “Demystifying Programmatic” webinar was a huge success. On Thursday, May 28th, we’re continuing our free webinar series with a deeper dive into programmatic campaign packaging and sales.

Join Joel Pape, CEO of Ad Sales Genius, and Charity Huff, CEO of digital agency January Spring, as they discuss techniques publishers can use to crush sales goals and increase revenue, including:

  • Pitching programmatic campaigns
  • Creating high-impact multimedia advertising programs
  • Driving sustainable digital business
  • Pricing your packages in a competitive market
  • Extending the value of your audience

The live version of this webinar has already taken place. Click the orange button below to get instant access to the recording!

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Digital Programmatic Packaging & Sales

May 28 @ 12 p.m. CST

Learn how to package digital programmatic campaign sales with your current offerings for maximum revenue potential.