Feature Spotlight: Integrated PDF Preflighting

Printing isn’t cheap, and just one problem within a file can cost you both time and money. Worse yet, there are hundreds of potential errors that can occur within seemingly ready-for-print PDF files, from incompatible color profiles to file resolutions that don’t translate into a clear image on paper.

Without an efficient preflighting process, you can spend hours of time going back and forth with your clients to ensure a high-quality ad. You need to ensure all files are present, valid, correctly formatted, and of the desired type to help catch these errors before they cause problems that affect your bottom line—and your client relationships.

Preflighting Should Be Seamless

At Ad Sales Genius, we weren’t satisfied with simply adding a preflighting tool into a list of menu options. We wanted it to be simple and easy to use without feeling like an additional step in your production process. That’s why we’re excited to announce our integrated preflighting.

Our process is simple! Simply check the “Pre-Flight PDF” box on a new ad insertion, verify the type of preflighting profile you want, and upload the file. That’s it! The tool automatically returns a list of any potential errors, warnings, and auto-corrections for you to review, saving you and your client hours of potential back and forth communication.

Better yet, approved ads are easy to spot in your ad library, so anyone on your team can quickly confirm an insertion is ready for print—days, months, or even years later.

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